Thursday, December 31, 2009

12 - 31 - 09 New Year's Eve day, took a walk to Ninth Avenue. Saw a guy near Grand Central Station, with his celebration hat on, along with his 2010 paper eyeglasses for the nite's festivities. On 42nd St. asked a black guy, who had dread-locks, flowing way past his shoulders, falling on the front of his jacket, with a huge blue 2010 hat, plopped on his head, for a photo.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

12 - 27 -09 Beautiful, balmy 50 temps today in NYC and a definite walk to Bryant Park. This is where a spotted a black guy, all decked out in black clothes, from head to toe, looking outstanding with his bald-head. Next, approaching were two guy guys, the taller one had hair that was spiky, he looked cool with his stylish clothes on. Said he and his friend were visiting from Australia for the month. I photographed him in beautiful light that fell on him and the metal railings from the building, played on his chest. Nearby, was a group of Spanish-speaking people and one guy was colorfully dressed. Colorfully tee-shirt, stood out from his demin jackets, skull cap and a beard, with a scarf tied around his neck. After I took a few photos of him, he grabbed my hand and kissed it. Approaching Third Ave. and 42nd St., a young black in a flannel-plaid shirt, white t-shirt under it and large black-rimmed glasses, which had no glass in them. A great smile, showed his perfect white teeth.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

12 - 26 - 09 Went across town, on 42nd St. to pick up my glasses and saw a cute, dark-skinned guy standing in front of an eatery. Fur trapper's hat on his head, scarf around his neck, tight jeans on and ankle boots, holding his umbrella in the pouring rain. Asked for a photo and he said he loves to be photographed. Very photogenic, too.
Walking past B.B. King's a group on young people were photographing each other and amid the group was a guy, looking like a rock-and-roll wannabe. Under the awning of B.B. King's, I was able to separate him from his crowd, who are were joking about him being a celeb.

Friday, December 25, 2009

12 - 25 - 09 Merry XMas - took a walk today with my husband to Fifth Avenue to see the tree in Rockefeller Center. Noticed a young Japanese guy, with a thick black, plastic head-band on and wearing a cool pair of black sunglasses. Took him aside, while plenty of tourists were walking by and took a headshot of him. Nearing Grand Central Station, a very strangely dressed, older guy appeared before me. He had a white cone like hat on, long salt and pepper beard that he twisted to make it look stringy and hanging long. His outfit, was one that I couldn't figure out very well, since he was in a rush and had to say to him, please just stand there, one more photo. It was cold today and he wore a matching jacket and pants that sort of had writings all over it, white background with black writing, couldn't read it, since he was in a rush and wore whitish-pointed tip shoes to go along with his outfit. After I finished taking a few photos, he quickly ran into the Dunkin Donuts shop. An amazing sight to see, loved it.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

12 - 24 - 09 Took a walk and headed to Grand Central, where I saw a handsome black guy with long dreadlocks that were tied behind his head, wearing a scarf around his neck, smartly dressed. Walking towards Fifth Ave., a tall guy, long scarf down to his ankles, cigarette in hand, tanned-skinned, perhaps Puerto Rican, took a photos. A guy who was meeting him at the corner, said jokingly, "is he a celebrity?". I replied, perhaps. Walking toward the mid-town public library, I spotted a beautiful young couple. Couldn't miss them. She was obviously a model, long blond hair, tall and I asked him to stand near the wall so I could take a photo. He said, "take a photo of her". I replied, I like your style, she agreed and told me she was with IMG agency, but he was the one to photograph. Great boots on, scarf around his neck, nice looking guy.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Today, is the beginning of my 2nd blog, Male Sightings, which corresponds to my 1st. blog , featuring my writings about my photographic work, appearing on my website

When I am not photographing my male nudes, I walk around NYC or Asbury Park, NJ with my camera and photograph men, but they have their clothes on. I usually photograph stylish men, a guy who stands out in the crowd. When in Asbury Park, I prefer to photograph men of color, black men, since there are not enough photographs of them around.
Today, being in NYC and walking down to Union Square and very cold outside, I photographed a few guys. One was in Gramercy Park area, who had a tattoo on his neck and asked him what it said, he replied "rotten", also photographed a very decked out black guy, looking sharp with hat on, top coat, over a suit, then a youngish guy from Korea, who had his plaid pants rolled up to his knees.