Friday, January 29, 2010

1 - 29 - 10 Heading down to 14th St. and on Third Ave., near the 20's, a tall guy, dressed all in black was heading into a Mexican restaurant. I quickly asked him if I can take a photo. First, he said no, since he was a model and when I mentioned that I was a fine-art photographer, he agreed. I quickly noticed his large, white-framed sunglasses and his subtle growth of facial hair, along with the skull wool cap on his head that had a quirky button, pinned to the front. He said his brother was an artist and the button was an ad for his book of illustrations. He showed me a photo from his portfolio of him and his wife, who also looked like a model, mentioned he has been married for two years. He wore a black wool peacoat that kept him warm, along with a black scarf that he tucked into his jacket. Near Gramercy Park, I thought a gal was approaching me, but it turned out to be a guy, when he got closer. A large, fur hat crowned his head, large black-
rimmed sunglasses, shaded him from the sun. He carried a large Marc Jacobs tote bag and wore a grey wool coat, a plaid scarf and his tight jeans were tucked into a pair of Ugg-looking boots.
Back on Third Ave., in the 20's, I noticed a Japanese guy, whose grey top hat was blown off his head from the wind. When he caught it and put it back on, I asked for a photo, with his shaggy hair covering one of his eyes. He stood near the wall and was dressed in a black wool peacoat and a very large turquoise scarf was twisted around his neck. I noticed a large silver-chain hanging out from under his coat.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

1 - 28 - 10 Walking south on Fifth Ave., across from Sak's, a couple were walking besides me and I noticed the smartly dressed guy. He was wearing a long-wool, double-breasted black overcoat. a black top hat and wore a pair of sunglasses with brown lenses in them and noticed his earrings in his ear. I asked for a photo, while he was holding onto a small Henri Bendel, striped bag and carried a cup of coffee. Next, on Fifth Ave, another young couple and took the guy aside for photos and he said that I should be photographed the lady with him, since she was a model. He wore a wool-looking car coat, tight jeans and wore a pair of fingerless, black leather gloves. His black scarf was tucked into his open collar of his denim shirt and his houndstooth wool cap was atop his head. Down near the garment district, I noticed a guy with very long dread-locks and wanted his photos and he gladly allowed me to take his photo. He looked disheveled, but cool, since he had his hood from his sweatshirt on his head that he wore under his jacket. He told me that he was an artist. In the West 30's a noticed a group of Japanese guys, coming out of a language school and quickly took two of them aside for their photos. The 1st. guy had three necklaces around his neck that were exposed in his open black leather, bomber jacket. He wore a wool tan cap, designer black-clear eyeglasses with thick arms on them, a number of earrings in his ears and gold, high-top sneakers. The 2nd guy wore a plaid-down vest, tight black jeans, a wool cap on his head and had lots of keys hanging from his pants.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

1 - 23 - 10 Walking near 33rd & Third, I photographed a guy who was collegiate-looking, dressed in a white shirt, a loose tie around his neck, brown leather jacket, plaid scarf that went along with his tousled hair. The next guy, looked very English, was spotted on 2nd Ave., near 25th St. He almost walked by me, but he stopped to tie his shoelace and that was when I approached him for some photos. He was dressed in a one- button, thigh-length grey overcoat that had black velvet on it's collar and pockets, making an interesting accent to it. He wore a black & white hooded sweatshirt under it and parts of it hung out from his coat sleeves. He wore a black top hat, along with a mustache, wore white shoes and carried a cup of coffee.

Friday, January 22, 2010

1 - 22 - 10 Walking on 42nd St. near Bryant Park, I noticed a sharp, black guy walking by who was dressed in orange jeans, military-style grey jacket, fingerless gloves, orange scarf wrapped around his neck and a black-stocking-like cap on his cap, looking very cool. Detouring thru Bryant Park, I noticed a young guy sitting at one of the small green tables, with a hairstyle that I have never seen before. I asked him to tilt his head down, so I could capture the rolled-up sides and top of his hair, looking very french-like that ladies wore in the olden days, very neat. Down in Chelsea, in the 20's a young guy, dressed in a metal-clasped grey, wool jacket, slim-tight black jeans, black sweater with the sleeves hanging out of his jacket and a black wool scarf around his neck. Along, came another guy, decked out in a black leather jacket, black sweatshirt underneath, black scarf around his neck and atop his head, a black bowler's hat. At the corner of 10th and 26th St., stood a young guy in grey tight, tight jean with a red belt on, wearing a short, black leather jacket, with a plaid shirt and t-shirt underneath it all. Up on 9th Ave., in the 40's I noticed a guy walking by, whose face was tattooed all over it. I asked for some photos, while I placed him against a red-brick wall. He wore a large light purple, sweatshirt, gray running pants and a long-t-shirt. I noticed tattoos that also ran down his neck from under the sweatshirt. He told me that he has appeared in Ugly Betty, Law & Order and some cop shows and was seeking more roles as an actor.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

1 - 21 - 10 Walking on 42nd St. between 6th & Broadway, a young Japanese was approaching me, I took him aside and photographed. He was wearing a black, thigh-length wool coat, black skinny jeans and had a black & pink t-shirt on. He also carried a tan tote bag, wore white sneakers and his large light green scarf was rolled around his neck, creating lots of folds. His hair was nicely-cut and he wore it spiky at the top of his head. He eyes were framed in clear, large-black rimmed glasses and he mentioned to me that he was a very-well dressed student. The next guy, I saw near Grand Central Station, who was a good-looking Indian young guy. He had a large, light gray scarf around his neck that was rolled a number of times, wore a down vest and his hair was combed back over his head, showing off his nice, thick black, shiny head of hair.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

1 - 16 - 10 Near NYU's dorms on Third Ave. & 23rd St, I spotted a young guy coming out of the school's building, dressed in turquoise jean, wearing a horizontal sweatshirt with the hood on his head and photographed him next to the building's wall. He topped off his street outfit by wearing a pair a black-rimmed sunglasses. Approaching me, near Union Square was a guy wearing a light tan button-down cardigan, with a wide green & white scarf, falling loosely down upon his chest. He sported a red bow tie and black rimmed glasses, looking very nerdy, but cool. Back near 23rd St., a neatly dressed black guy, who was attired in all black tailored clothes and carrying a horizontal-striped briefcase, looked interesting to photograph, especially with his black blower hat, sitting on top of his head.

Friday, January 15, 2010

1 - 15 - 10 Walking home from an appointment on West 52nd St., I cut thru Times Square and saw David Blaine, doing a fund-raiser for Haiti's disastrous earthquake. Noticed that he was dress in all black from top to toe and quickly took a headshot of him. When I got to 42nd St., approaching 6th Ave., a young black guy, wearing white jeans, black cotton overcoat, a red print was on his shirt and wore light-blue docksiders with a pair of black rimmed eyeglasses. The next guy that I noticed was closer to 5th Ave. wearing a large-grey wool sweater that reached his thighs and covered his black jeans. He carried a large black leather satchel on his shoulder and wore a huge rolled black scarf that covered his mouth. His wool black skull cap covered most of his head, but saw some blond hair around his forehead. Right after him was a smartly dressed black guy standing outside a building, smoking a cigarette. He was dressed in a dark gray overcoat, black turtleneck, black pants, black shoes and photographed his beautiful smile, when I took a close-up of his face. At the corner of 42nd & Madison, I took a tall black guy aside and photographed him wearing a red hooded sweatshirt that covered his head and wore under his short to the waist jacket. He had red-shoe laces in his sneakers and a rolled black/white checkered scarf around his neck. At the corner of 5th & 41st St. I noticed a guy wearing a white
fur jacket, lime-green gloves, a lime-green turtleneck and a tan cap on his head, along with large rimmed square sunglasses. Back on 42nd St. and closer to Grand Central Station, a black young guy looked interesting to me, so I took him aside and photographed him wearing a short jacket with his animal print t-shirt underneath stood out. On his head was a wool red/blue skull cap and he wore large, squared framed tortoise-shelled glasses, making him look cool. Inside Grand Central, stood a nice-looking guy, with a large satchel on his arm, wearing a fur-trimmed vest over his black zippered jacket and a white scarf tucked into it. His black wrap-around, black lens sunglasses gave me the affect that made him stand out. He mentioned to me that he was a hairdresser.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

1 - 14 - 10 Saw the same young, light-skinned, black guy that I photographed last week, near outside Grand Central Station, with the piercings on his ears and looking cool. Today, he was walking with a friend, across from Bryant Park, closer to 6th Ave. He wore a grey peacoat, a rolled grey, scarf tucked into the collar. No cap today, so his short black curls on the top of his neatly cropped-hair, were showing. A Spanish-looking guy was standing at the corner of Port Authority, 42nd & 8th, smoking a cigarette. A black-hooded sweatshirt was pulled up over on his head, from beneath his multi-colored, black, blue, red leather jacket, with NY lettering on the front, making him look very street-like. When I did a photo of his face, I noticed that his hair was cut-straight across the front of his forehead, creating short bangs. A pair of interesting young guys were near the 42nd St. postoffice and pulled them aside for photos. The 1st. one was wearing his coat on his shoulders, making it look like a cape. The hood of it, covered his knitted-cap that was on his head. Around his shoulders was a striped scarf and was able to see his bead necklace. His friend looked oriental and has bleached orange bangs that hanged out of his knitted
cap and wore a graffiti-like black t-shirt under his jacket, looking cool. He lower lip had silver-ball piercing and a goatee on his chin. Next guy was standing in front of a take-out deli, near the corner of 42nd and 9th. He said he was from London and wear a black-knit skull cap, along with a multi-striped scarf around his neck. Almost near 5th & 42nd St., a young guy was approaching me and I noticed his black/white jacket, with it's hood covering his head. I asked for a photo and placed him in front of a silver column, which also showed that he had a light-weight double-breasted-black jacket under his jacket that covered a black t-shirt with white scribbling on it. A close-up of his face revealed a light goatee and mustache. The last guy for the day, I noticed when I was near Grand Central Station. He was walking quickly, carrying a large-brown satchel, wearing brown boots, with his grey tight pants tucked into them and wearing brown gloves. His grey peacoat was opened, revealing a black/white horizontal striped sweater, with a multi-striped large scarf, wrapped many times around his neck. He wore brown-tinted aviator sunglasses and had a goatee and mustache, with neat hair on his head and a dimple in his cheek.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

1 - 9 - 10 Crossing Madison Ave. on 42nd St., I noticed two young guys, holding hands and looking comfy and bundled up for the cold. I walked with them, quickly said to them, please stand here, so I can photograph you. They complied and photographed the 1st. guy, with a knit hat covering his hair, scarf wrapped around his neck and tucked into his jacked. He had a piercing on his lip. The 2nd guy, had blondish hair, sticking out of his fur-lined, black leather trapper's hat and his silver lip piercing was in the middle of his lip. Wearing a wool double-breasted jacket with a striped scarf that hanged outside of his jacket, along with a large canvas bag that was carried across his chest, in front of him. At the corner of Fifth & 42nd St. in front of the H&M store, I noticed a young guy with his black sweatshirt hood up over his head from under his to the waist black leather jacket, checkered scarf and black, wrap-around dark sunglasses on, I took a photo.
Right after him, a slim Japanese guy came by and took him aside to photograph him. He had a short wool jacket, scarf around his neck that showcased his orange-colored highlights in his hair. His orange shoes matched his hair. Walking towards Sixth Avenue, came a trio of people, which consisted of a guy, neatly dressed in a wool peacoat, a tan-colored, large scarf around his neck, black knit cap on and wearing an oversize pair of black rimmed, clear glasses, I took his photo.

Friday, January 8, 2010

1 - 8 - 10 Walked over to the AMC Theatre on 42nd St. this afternoon, to get some tickets for movie and saw a young Japanese guy approaching on 42nd St. near Sixth Avenue. Stood him against a blue board to take his portrait. He wore a plaid scarf tied around his neck, tucked into his black jacket. Heading across Broadway and past one of the theatres a trio of young black guys were walking by my side. I turned to look and they all looked amazingly, stylish. Two of them were androgynous-looking, but definitely male. The first guy, dressed all in black with his coat-collar turned up and wore mirrored aviator glasses, fingerless black gloves, a scarf at his neck, carrying a large canvas bag. His black hair was swept across his forehead, looking very chic. Even his lips looked pink and perfect. The 2nd guy was dressed a bit more relaxed, jeans, plaid short jacket and wore his hair, long and wavy to his shoulder's. He also carried a large bag.
The 3rd guy, looked sharp and pressed, wearing a gray-double button jacket, black scarf at this neck, wearing black leather gloves and his black shoes were very pointy. His hair was closely cropped to his scalp and wore a pair of contemporary glasses.
The next guy was standing in front of the 42nd St. Hilton Hotel, very tall, dark and handsome.
Casually dressed in jean, a plaid jacket and a knit cap on his head. Good-looking guy and asked him where he was from and said Tennessee and was here to see Broadway shows. First visit to NYC and visiting for a week, since he was a theatre major and wants to get into being an actor.
The last guy today, I saw while I enter Grand Central Station and he was at the entrance. I asked him if you could come outside for the better light, for me to take his photo and he obliged.
Young guy, light-skinned black guy, wearing jeans, a wool pea coat and a large scarf which he wrapped around his neck many times, making rolls. The interesting aspect is that he had a pair of black gloves on and then had one glove sticking out of his left-front jean's pocket. His hair was neatly cut and was spiky on top of his head and also had his left eyebrow pieced with silver-balls and a number of silver-ball piercings on this left ear, all looking decorative.

Monday, January 4, 2010

1 - 4 -10 Walking thru Times Square today, noticed a young couple photographing eachother. They both had on pure-white parkas, with fur-trimmed hoods, looking neatly put together. They asked me to photograph both of them and then I said that I wanted to photograph him.
Asked where they were from and said Guatemala. He spoke some English and I took a close-up photo of his face, surrounded by the fur of this white hood and then a full-length photograph of his opened jacket, revealing his large-belt buckle. And then I was on my way.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

1 - 2 -10 Saw the same, South Korean guy today and almost near the same area as last week on Third Ave. in the 20's. Stopped him and said that I liked his Sargent Pepper jacket that he wore, red wool cap, black pants, black army boots on and a camera around his neck. He looked very together. Visiting NYC for 2 weeks and leaving soon. Spoke perfect English and said that he likes to photograph nature, thought he would be saying fashion.

Friday, January 1, 2010

1- 1- 10 Walked down Third Ave. and in the Gramercy area, saw a guy with an orangery-leather, long coat, a fedora on his head, wearing black-thick rimmed glasses and wearing a pair of pale-blue-pointy toed-shoes. Took him aside from his female companion and photographed him against a red-brick wall. Upon leaving Barnes & Noble bookstore in Union Square, a tallish-thin guy, with a very-long gray scarf that almost reached the ground, was walking towards me. I started talking to him, but since he was listening to music and earphones in, couldn't hear me. Out they came, repeated my request for photos and he obliged. Standing up by the fenced off area around the square, I took the photos that I wanted and he continued on his way.
On the side of the square, I noticed to guys who were photographing eachother. One of the guys was dressed up with a dark top coat on, along with a white shirt and tie, looking a bit like an outsider and he was. I asked where they were from and both said South Korea. I took a few photos of the guy, who looked very straight-laced. Right after them, two guys, looking like punk-rockers were walking nearby me and I asked for photos of each of them separately and then together. They said they were in a band and have played on Delancy St. and in Brooklyn. They
were both dressed in black short denim jackets, t-shirts under them, caps on their heads, smoking cigarettes. The shorter guy had a chunk of black-hair, covering one of his eyes. They were cool about me photographing them.