Sunday, February 28, 2010

2 - 28 -10 I photographed a young black guy in front of the midtown NYP Library, who wore a large blue sweatshirt over a plaid workshirt. The hood was worn over his cap that he had on his head, along with a large pair a clear-lensed, black framed eyeglassed. His jeans had a cuff at the botton and wore a pair a black leather, side-buckled shoes. He asked me if he looked cool and I said yes.

Monday, February 22, 2010

2 - 22 - 10 Really liked the Japanese guy's, extra, extra long dread-locks that went down almost to his waist. I asked if they were real and he said they were. Don't get to see many Japanese with dread-locks. He also tied a yellow badanna around his head, wore small wired-framed sunglasses, leather gloves and a front zippered jacket.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

2 - 21 - 10 Near 34th & 8th Ave. was a black guy who had a street-look. A black do-rag on his head, red framed glasses, earrings in his ears, a red t-shirt with black scribblings on it, chains & black beads around his neck, puffy leather jacket, black jeans tucked into his ankle boots. The guy that I saw standing across the street from me on 9th Ave. in the 30's, wore a red wool cap on his head that he had pulled down over his forehead and made two points stick out on the sides. His clothes were loose, his wool peacoat opened which revealed a purple sweater under it, black baggy pants and turquoise high-top sneakers. He looked very comfortable and told me that he edited films. Further up on 9th Ave. a very stylish, slim guy from South Korea looked neat. I posed him in the light, which reflected on his tight, one-button dark blazer and tight jeans, worn with pointy leather shoes. His his looked-razor cut, shaggy and combed down on his forehead and his ears donned diamond CC earrings. The guy at the corner of 42nd St. and 8th, looked like a Michael Jackson impersonator. He wore one-silver glove, black jacket, white t-shirt under it, black pants, black shoes with white shoes and a top-hat with long-black wavy hair hanging out, almost down to his shoulders.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2 - 18 - 10 On the last day of fashion week, a number of smartly, interesting dressed guys were standing nearby the steps to the tents. A conservatively dressed black guy, in a dark suit, white shirt and black-white striped bow tie, posed for me. He also carried a white briefcase, wore clear lensed, black framed glasses and a close-cropped buzz cut hair. The next guy, had a bright blue scarf around his neck, a grey-zippered-up sweatshirt under his one-buttoned blazer, leather gloves and a light green skull cap over his red hair that went along with his red beard. The Eskimo like dressed man, stood on the steps and I asked him to stand near the wall. He was dressed from fur trappers hat atop his head, down to the fur boots on his feet, fur around his neck, leather pants and lots and lots of extra-large pieces of American Indian turquoise jewelry on his wrists, around his neck and belt. The black guy leaning against the wall was already in a position for me to photograph him, so I did. He wore a knitted loose cap over his long dreadlocks, a long multi-colored striped scarf that hung around his neck, a beige turtleneck sweater under his wool overcoat and wore silver shoes. He told me that he was an abstract painter. A Japanese guy walking by, I pulled over for a photo, since he wore a bright blue short jacket, white jeans and a pair of silver lensed aviator sunglasses that were tucked into his shirt.
The black guy handing out flyer's was dressed in a camouflage jacket and grassy-looking camouflage pants. The black guy standing on the steps, wore a plaid-tan jacket with a tan sweater under it with a maroon scarf that was tied on the side of his neck. He looked like he had on a wig of curly hair, with full, elaborate eye makeup on and under his lip was a small goatee. He got into a pose. Heading out of Bryant Park and walking on 42nd St, an interesting looking guy couple was approaching and I took them both aside for photos. The first tall guy wore mirrored aviator sunglasses, had a large canvas messenger bag, crossed over his shoulder and wore a black leather motorcycle jacket. His open shirt revealed two necklaces around his neck and had light facial hair. His friend told me his was from St. Petersburg, Russia and was more conservatively dressed, even wearing a tie around his neck, under his button-down sweater, which was over a checked shirt. He wore a leather peacoat which was opened with jeans that were tucked into a pair of ankle boots. He had an androgynous-looking face with fine straight hair that came below his ears, almost touching his shoulders.

Monday, February 15, 2010

1 - 15 - 10 Walking on 44 St, near Third Ave., a photo op presented itself of a homeless man, standing in front of a metal door front and I asked if I can take a photo, he obliged. My shabby-chic. On 42nd St. near the Library, a young Japanese guy was approaching me and his little ponytail was sticking up on top of his head that caught my eye. The sides of his head were shaved on had silver piercing on his eyebrows. He turning sideways, so I could see his backpack that was partially made of rubber and had rubber spikes sticking out on the outside of it. His graffiti sweatshirt has lots of colorful markings on it. At the Fashion Tents, outside Bryant Park a guy with a large fur trapper's hat that came down to the top of his large black sunglasses, stood by me. His zippered jacket had some sort of writing on it, but couldn't make it out. The guy who came running down the front steps of the tents, was heading for a cab, when I asked for a photo.
He was tall and thin, wore tight jeans with white eagle designs on them and rolled up cuffs. He wore a white leather jacket over a plaid workshirt with necklaces hanging, long around his neck. He very long straight hair fell below his shoulders and was topped by a wool cap that came low down on his forehead and wore brown leather boots. The Japanese guy standing nearby wore a black tie around his neck, over a dark shirt and a blue-plaid jacket, with large greenish frame sunglasses. Another Japanese guy, nearby was classically dressed in a wool peacoat, white shirt and an iridescent tie. His dark trousers were tucked into a pair a brown-laced up ankle boots.
The guy standing on the steps had bleached-blond hair, lots of chains around his neck and wore a pair of feminine-looking sunglasses. His friend wore a classic wool jacket with a large black scarf wrapped around his neck and brown leather boots and his dark hair was tousled, neatly on his head. The guy sitting on the sidewalk, near 42nd St. and Fifth Ave, with a sign in front of him saying, Tell Me Off, caught my eye for a portrait. I asked if I could and he said sure. He wore a pair a aviator sunglasses with blue lenses, a ski cap on his head and a maroon scarf that was loosely around his neck and under his goatee.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

1 - 14 - 10 Walking thru Grand Central Station, a very eccentric guy was standing near the ticket booth, drinking a coffee. Lots of people were looking at him. I asked him to stand near the wall and photographed him in a red-plaid tartan jacket, black leather sash around his waist, which had silver chains hanging off of it, black leather boots to his knees. He was dark-skinned and talked with an accent, wearing a pair of black framed, yellow lensed sunglasses and a spiked leather collar around his neck. His hair was most striking, since it was standing up, perfecting straight, atop his head, in a long, spike-like look. The next guy, I saw was standing at a corner on Fifth Ave., in the 30's. I took him near a wall and he posed for me, wearing jeans that had holes at the knees and a plaid scarf, tucked into his zippered short jacket. His male friend's hair caught my eye, which was shaggy on his head and swept across his forehead and wore a large pair of sunglasses. Walking further down Fifth Ave., I noticed a smartly dressed guy in a black wool peacoat with a gray scarf around his neck and a gray wool skull cap on his head, along with a pair of extra large, dark sunglasses. He posed with his arm tucked into his jacket. Next, came a group of European travelers. The first guy was from Portugal and had his stand near a wall. He
wore a light gray wool jacket that looked very European, which had a double roll of silver buttons and collarless. His dark hair looked stylish cut with the ends standing up. His friend who was from Italy, had a wool jacket on with pockets on the chest, loosely around his neck was a scarf,
his jeans had some bleach marks on them and were tucked into army-looking ankle boots.
Over near the Fashion Tents at Bryant Park, I guy who wore a wool, bright yellow blazer, carrying a large tote bag and wore suede brown shoes, told me he worked for a designer. He top his head with a gray wool skull cap. A guy who, looked liked a female, was handing out flyers for the shows, was dressed all in black, wearing a floppy front jacket, under it was something long that came down to his knees, almost dress-like, tight black jeans and a skull cap. He wore black rectangle frame sunglasses.

Friday, February 12, 2010

2 - 12 - 10 Walking to the Fashion Tents at Bryant Park, I cut thru the Park and saw a colorful-dressed guy, who agreed to be photograph. He wore a red overcoat, over his blue blazer, plaid-pants, boatsider shoes and a bow tie at his neck. He had a pair of oversized red framed sunglasses on. He told me that he worked at Christie's. In front of the tents, along came a black guy with a fur trapper's hat on and wearing a large pair of sunglasses and a peacoat, who was attending the shows for his designer boss. Next, came another black guy, with an extra large blue scarf, loosely hanging around his neck that has fringe hanging off of it. The guy with the bright red plaid jacket, caught my eye, which had a large fake tan fun collar. He also carried a large designer bag. The guy with the sparkling, pointy-toe shoes stood out in the crowd, who also wore a long wool coat and a top hat. Walking towards 5th Avenue on 41st. St, I asked a black guy for a photo, since I liked his bright plaid red jacket that was topped with a multi-colored scarf around his neck. He jeans were tight and wore a pair of black-pointy toed shoes.
The interesting looking guy, standing at the corner of 41st. & 5th, handing out fliers for the nearby gourmet chocolate shop, was worth a photo. I liked his hair style, which was pulled back in a pony-tail that showed off his loose hair. In each of his ears were large star rhinestone earrings. He was tall, nice looking and wore a wool peacoat.

Monday, February 8, 2010

1 - 08 - 10 Walking towards me on 42nd St., near Madison Ave., I quickly asked a guy who looked a bit eccentric and interesting for a photo. He was dressed in a wool top coat that was buttoned only at the top, exposing a plaid shirt under it, wearing corduroy pants that had little flowers, sprinkled all over them, a cotton little scarf tied around his neck, like an ascot, tousled hair, mustache/goatee, black rimmed glasses, smoking a brown cigarette with a huge emessenger's bag that was carried across his chest. I asked him where he was from and he said the Milan, Italy area, where he had wine vineyards. The next guy was a tall, handsome guy that I spotted on Fifth Ave. & 36th St. I noticed his hair right away, which was tied-up at the top of his head, with his dread-locks making a bun. He had a scarf tied around his neck, open jacket and catching a cab. The other guy that I saw at 34th & 8th Ave, was all in black with his leather shoes, splashed with drops of paint and wore a pair of black rimmed, sporty sunglasses. I said he looked arty, he said he was an artist and filmmaker.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

2 - 07 - 10 Approaching me on 42nd St., between Fifth & Sixth was a Japanese couple, across from Bryant Park. I asked the guy for a photo and the young lady conveyed my question to him, since he didn't speak English and he agreed. He was dressed in a black puffy jacket with fur around the hood, white sweater under it, striped scarf around his neck and his grey pants were tucked into a pair of black, combat-looking boots. Atop his head was a black & white checkered hat and wore a pair a black-rimmed glasses that went with his slight goatee on his chin.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

2 - 04 - 10 Walking north on Fifth Ave. in the 40's, approaching me was a guy with a very large black scarf wrapped around his neck and wearing a pair of oversized black-rimmed sunglasses, carrying a large Converse canvas duffel bag, wearing worn-in jeans with rips on his knees. He told me that he was a student at The American Ballet School, studying ballet. Next, was an interesting looking-guy, who was near Sak's, walking towards me and I took him aside for photos. He dark-black hair was nicely wavy, looking look a Grecian god statue and took photos from straight on and photographing him from both sides to reveal his silver earrings and Grecian nose. He wore a biker's leather jacket, underneath was a graffiti-like t-shirt, silver chains around his neck and silver-chain hanging from his black jean's pocket, while he carried A&F shopping bags and wore black & yellow sneakers. His shaped eyebrows revealed silver piercings on them, while his chin had a light dusting of a goatee and mustache. Near the corner of 50th St., I liked the guy in gray, who had a wool cap on his head and then topped that with his hood from his sweatshirt. He wore wire-rimmed glasses and sported a light goatee, along with his stoned-washed jeans. Next, near the Armani store in the 50's, a guy carrying shopping bags, I stopped, before he entered the store for some photos. He was decked out in tight grey pants, a grey vest, a black shirt under that and topped with a short black jacket that had a brown fun collar, wearing black leather gloves. He wore black pointed shoes and his hair was wavy and tousled. He looked like a contemporary dandy. He told me he was from Australia. Walking towards east on 52nd St., near Madison Ave. a guy in an blue cardigan sweater, wrapped around his neck was a blue scarf that he tucked into his sweater, giving the look of a tie and topped his head with a blue hat.
He spoke to me in an Irish accent.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2 - 2 - 10 Walking on 42nd St., near Bryant Park, I asked a guy who had a pretty face, for some photos. He was dressed in a black, wool peacoat, charcoal scarf wrapped around his neck, a black wool skull knit cap, black high laced-up combat-looking boots and had a red woven cloth bag, hanging from his shoulder. Right after him, near the Park, a very stylish-dressed guy was walking nearby. I took his photos, while he told me he was part French and Cameron from South Africa, attending NYU's Finance School. He was dressed neatly in tight blue jeans, with an initial belt buckle, brown leather pointy shoes, leather jacket to his waist, a button-down cardigan under it with a beige scarf wrapped around his neck, along with brown leather gloves and an army green messenger bag, across his chest. Near Broadway and 42nd St., I noticed a black guy who was dressed in all black, wearing an open jacket, with lots of pockets on the chest, a wool cap and a black/white, middle-eastern scarf that he wrapped around half his face, covering his nose and chin. A biker guy, walking near 42nd & Sixth Ave, was my next photo. He wore a black leather motorcycle jacket, black jeans and a black leather cap, worn backwards on his head. He sported a v-pointed beard, several silver earrings in his ear, a chain-link silver necklace, under his black t-shirt. Next, a guy who seemed to be on a cigarette break, was standing outside a building, near Fifth Ave. I noticed his wide brown/grey striped button-cardigan sweater, his white shirt under it, wearing blue jeans. His portrait showed his wavy combed hair. A few buildings down, I noticed a slim-looking guy, with organy hair, sticking out from under his cap, almost obscuring one eye. He even posed for me, bending his knee and hands in his pockets. Nearing Grand Central Station, a pair of guys were approaching, one wearing turquoise pants with red sneakers, blue scarf and black Ray-Ban sunglasses and the other wearing mint green jeans, purple sneakers, red rayon jacket and two scarfs with one around his head and the other around his mouth.

Monday, February 1, 2010

2 - 1 - 10 Near the corner of 42nd St. & Fifth Avenue, I noticed a punkish guy walking towards me. I moved closer to an entrance of the Fifth Ave. Library and found a makeshift, natural light outdoor studio, where I photographed him. He was wearing a grey hooded, English-looking gray jacket under another jacket, which had double rows of silver-buttons that initially caught my eye. His dark black, longish bangs covered his forehead and part of one of his eyes. I noticed that his lip was pierced. He wore black, low-rise tight jeans with a white belt. I waited around this around, til I saw two guys walking towards me. Both looked cool and said they lived in Israel, but were born in Ethiopia and had creamy-tan skin. The first guy wore a fur trapper's hat, brown lenses in his aviator sunglasses and had a great smile, revealing perfect white teeth. His brown leather, double-breasted jacket had a grey/white scarf tucked inside of it. He wore blue jeans and brown suede pointy boots. The friend had a middle-eastern scarf tied around his dread-locks that also covered his chin. His wool jacket came to his waist.