Saturday, March 27, 2010

3 - 27 - 10 Approaching me on the eastside in the 40's, was an older guy who was dressed in all black, from his black leather hat, black leather blazer, black leather vest, black leather pants. He did not look like a biker guy, but tailored black leather clothing. He had on large black framed sunglasses with black lenses. His graying hair stuck out from under his leather hat and had a close cropped goatee. He mentioned to me that his name was Artie, lived in Midtown and played professional tennis for 40 years. In front of Trader's Joe's on 14th St, a group of stylish guys were walking by and I stopped them all for photos. The first guy, wore a yellow cap, along with a black leather biker jacket, with the sleeves pushed up to reveal his leather cuffs on his wrist, over his graffiti t-shirt. He had on black jeans, wearing white sneakers with the tongue of the sneakers sticking out and up. The other guy had a collegiate-look. He wore a high school jacket with a large R letter on it, with a pink & white striped shirt under it. His jeans were ripped at random places and wore white sneakers. Both of his ears were pierced with dropped earrings and his hair was coiffed high on the top of his head, along with facial hair that was trimmed neatly around his jawline. The next guy had on a hooded white sweatshirt that covered his head, under his denim jacket that had two R lettering on it. He wore oversized black framed sunglasses and had a thin mustache. His friend wore a tan-colored, zippered jacket with a hood that covered his head that had red elastic waistband. He also wore oversized black framed sunglasses with black lenses. Both guys wore jeans.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3 - 24 - 10 Walking on 34th St., near Macy's, approaching me was a stylish guy, who had his large black scarf, draped around his shoulders, over a cream-colored sweater with the sleeves pushed up, lots of large-link chains around his neck, wearing a pair a large sunglasses. His hair looked like his added a tint of auburn-color to it and at the top of his head, his hair came to a point. His dark blue jeans were tucked into a brown cowboy boots and carried a large over-sized tote bag, looking very cool. The next guy, photographed while on 34th St, wore a black t-shirt with lots of white lettering on it, under a black hoodie. His grey jeans were baggy. His head was covered by a turquoise-colored knit skull cap, exposed his bleached blond bangs and covered his eyes with a pair of over-sized, square shaped frames. The black guy standing outside a store, had lots of very large gold-plated chains around his neck and wore a red-plaid shirt under his nylon jacket. Around his neck was a red-plaid scarf and over his head he tied a red handkerchief scarf on his head, which was covered by a white cap. He wore clear eyeglasses and had a goatee.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

3 - 20 - 10 On Lexington Ave., near 44th St., a young Japanese guy, was dressed in a light-tan
skull cap, black sweater with a gold flowery emblem on it, under it wore a gray scooped neck sweater, gray tight jeans and sneakers. He also carried a large black canvas bag. A youngish-black guy, stood near Madison Square Garden wearing a black leather vest, over a striped shirt,
low-rise jeans with a gold belt, along with gold-shiny sneakers. His hair was in tight braids, sticking out on his head and had a pair of over-sized, aviators sunglasses on. He said that I made him feel special, by photographing him. I said he was. The next guy was across the street from the Garden, who wore a black graffiti t-shirt with white lettering, a chair around his neck and a black baseball cap with the letter B on it. Walking up Fifth Avenue, near 34th St, I asked a guy who was walking in front of me, for a photo. I noticed his hair, which was shaved on the sides of his head and a strip of hair, going down the back and a goatee. He wore two silver hoop earrings, sunglasses and tight brown jeans. Further up on Fifth, a handsome black was approaching me and I noticed his tight black t-shirt that had silver glittery word on it, saying Justification. Took him aside for a photo of the front and back that had a silver glittery cross on it. He wore baggy jeans with an emblem on the back pocket, a black cap with a large emblem on it and thin-white rimmed sunglasses. Around his neck were brown and black beads. Near the Midtown Library was a Japanese student, all dressed in black. He wore a long-sleeved black shirt, under a black leather vest, black baggy capri pants and black combat boots that had lots of silver rivets on the tongue of his boots. His hair was styled, buzzed cut on the sides and longer in the front, coming down on his forehead, showing his pierced ears and wore silver rings on his fingers. Around the corner on 42nd St., stood a Puerto Rican guy, who looked very street-like in his red t-shirt which exposed his tattooed arms, under his puffy black vest. Around his neck was a very large gold medallion. A top his head was a red cap, which his wore to the side, along with his cuffed, baggy jeans. Both his ears were pierced.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

3 - 18 - 10 At the corner of 41st. & Fifth, there stood a light-skinned black guy who was dressed in black baggy, baggy harem-looking pants that were above his ankles, exposing his black ankle boots. He had on a white baggy shirt, under a black short vest, along with a black sweater-like jacket that was thrown over his shoulders. Very cool-looking with his sunglasses atop his close cropped hair. He carried a cloth white shoulder bag. The next guy was walking on 42nd St. near Bryant Park, who was approaching me, wearing a long black, to the knee shirt under his black blazer. His light blue jeans were tucked into his black leather combat boots. He wore mirrored sunglasses and had stars tattooed on both sides of his neck.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

3 - 7 - 10 In Union Square Park at 14th St., I photographed a guy who resembled a young Steven Tyler from Aerosmith and even had the full lips like him. He was slim, wearing a leather motorcycle jacket, tight jeans and had a bandanna tied around his head, with his loose-tousled hair, hanging out over it. The next guy told me he was from Ireland and was visiting for Art Week at the Piers and was going to art school there to be a designer of woman's gowns. He wore a black top hat on his head, with his loose hair hanging out from under it, a very long scarf was wrapped around his neck which one side of it was all black and the other side of the side had purple/blue squares. He had on a gray over coat, black sneakers and carried a large designer tote bag on his shoulder. The young guy with dark black, slicked down hair was dressed in a mixture of different clothing on, making for an interesting visual specimen. He had on a short jacket, under that a military vest with lots of buttons, a turquoise and dark blue checkered shirt under it and wore a pair a bleached-out jeans and had a large canvas bag, crossed over his chest. The guy with the brown-zippered front sweatshirt, looked cool to photograph and he even said to me that I had photographed him before. He wore black-fingerless gloves, a knit cap on his head with yellow-framed sunglasses and a pair of large headphones around his neat. His well worn-in jeans had silver-chains that were attached to the loops on them. Upon leaving the park, I noticed a guy sitting on a bench in a red-plaid tartan skirt over his torn jeans with large holes in the knees that were tucked into his combat boots. He also had on short wool jacket that had a double row of buttons and wore a red tartan shirt under it. His cool, wire-framed sunglasses framed his face and his tousled hair.

Friday, March 5, 2010

3 - 5 - 10 At the corner of 42nd & Madison, I noticed at first the young guy's hair, which was all spiky, longish, hanging over his forehead which had a bandanna tied around it and wanted a photo. He also wore a black short cotton jacket with a black/white plaid shirt under it and a black t-shirt under his shirt with tight black jeans. At the corner of 34th & 7th, near Victoria's Secret store, I noticed a black guy, who stood out among the crossing crowd with his bright blue fur jacket, with inlaids of black material, couldn't miss him and other people were complimenting him on it. I asked for a photo and took him in front of a parked truck to do his photo and he got into posing for me. His close-cropped hair was all braided on his head and he carried what looked like a Louis Vuitton clutch, under his arm. The tall, handsome black guy, was standing near Macy's, with a large suitcase, looking camera-ready, who said he was from Washington, DC. He stood near the wall for me, while I photographed him wearing black/white framed sunglasses, a black trapper's hat on his head, black large scarf tied around his neck and a stylish black jacket with white fur-looking lining. His jeans were tucked into a pair a ankle leather sneakers.