Friday, April 30, 2010

4 - 30 - 10 The cool-looking, black guy, standing on the outside of Bryant Park on 42nd St., wore mirrored aviator sunglasses, a short-sleeved, zippered sweatshirt with a black/white striped t-shirt under it. I noticed on the lower part of his arm was a tattoo that went around it.
Handsome guy, curly black hair with longish sideburns. The guy walking near the Fifth Ave. &
42nd St, stood out, like a character. He wore his jeans, cuffed at the bottom, a red-gingham shirt under a striped vest and topped his head off with a straw hat. The Japanese guy standing outside the H & M store, wore a gray vest with rows of buttons, over a black t-shirt, light blue jeans and Adidas sneakers. He barely spoke English.

Friday, April 23, 2010

4 - 23 - 10 The guy who was approaching me on West 41 St. was dressed in all black from his very dark black hair, down to his black leather shoes. I took him aside and saw that you wore lots of chains around his neck, over his v-neck black t-shirt which was under his black suit jacket.
His hair had lots of gel on it and was styled to form a twirl at the top of his head. His eyebrows looked perfectly tweezed and shaped, along with this perfect facial hair. He was very done.
The light-skinned, cute black guy on 43rd and Madison was wearing a straw hat on his head, a bow-tie at his neck, light pink jeans which were cuffed at the bottom, shirt outside his pants, under his jeans jacket. The good-looking guy at the side of Bryant Park, was dressed all in black, including his black-framed, dark-black lens sunglasses and said he was a singer. He had on an all
black stylish suit, with a black man-tailored shirt under the jacket and his hair was perfect, combed straight back over the top of his head, leaving his forehead bare, showing off a perfect-looking face with perfect lips.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4 - 21 - 10 The guy I saw near NY Public Library, was wearing baggy, baggy short jeans to his ankles and a baggy, baggy white hooded sweatshirt, which was clinched in below his waits. He wore black square earrings, close-cropped hair and had some hair growing under his lip. The oriental guy, was also near the Library, wearing a white tailored shirt under his cropped blazer, jeans that were scuffy at the knees and cuffed at the bottom, exposing his white suede shoes. His dark black hair was loose and long, which was below his ears, nice looking-guy.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4 - 20 -10 Couldn't believe this guy's hair, who I saw on 42nd St. near Fifth Ave. His hair was platinum, coiffed high on his head and fell over his forehead. His hair was heavily hairsprayed to hold the style and shaped, which was very much outdated. He wore a paisley shirt, too. The black guy, standing on the side on NY Public Library, was sporting a ponytail, a goatee, earring in his ear, with a silver spike running from side-to-side with one earring. He wore a black leather cap, black jeans and a white sweatshirt, with red lettering on it.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

4 - 18 - 10 Walking on 34th St., I noticed the "Copper Cowboy" that's what he told me his name was. Yes, he was color-toned in copper color on his face, his Cowboy hat, jacket in copper, jeans in copper and his cowboy boots in copper and wore black framed, iridescent lens sunglasses. The slim, tall black guy, I took aside near the corner of 34th & was dressed in all black. Black tight jeans, which were tucked into his boots, black t-shirt under his jacket and oversized black-framed, black lens sunglasses, which exposed his shaped, trimmed eyebrows and had a cute, shaped growth of hair under his lip.
4 - 17 - 10 Walking on 14th St., near Trader Joe's, I asked two guys for their photo. Both were NYU University students, one studying gender, the other philosophy. The guy with the curly hair, had a bandanna around his head and wore large-clear, oversized aviator glasses. He had on a white t-shirt, under a yellow-hooded sweatshirt, all under a tan-canvas zippered jacket. His washed out black jeans were tucked into a pair of laced-up black construction boots. His friend had on a denim jacket, washed out jeans. The guy in a black knit skull cap, caught my eye, since he had on a multi-colored shirt of red, black and yellow, worn outside his worn-in jeans. Over near Union Square Park a group of guys were all photographed and mostly all wore black. The Japanese guy's hair was shaved close to one side of his head, while the other side was long, down to his shoulders. He had a written tattoo on the upper part of his chest, wore a black leather jacket, over a black t-shirt, with ripped, worn-in black jeans and black framed, clear eyeglasses. The next guy, was tall, a wannabe model, with long, wavy hair in the front of his head. He wore a leather jacket, under a sweater and cuffed-up jeans, with ankle boots. The other Japanese guy, had a lot of layers going on. The had a hooded sweatshirt, covering his head, under a leather jacket and a denim vest over the jacket. He had on a pair of black-framed clear eyeglasses. The next tall guy had on a large cap on his head, a worn-in leather jacket, over a gray loose t-shirt and tight, black jean, showing his black leather ankle boots. Walking up Third Ave., in the 20's a stylish guy, who said he was from South Korea was photographed near a store. He had on a thigh length, brown leather loose coat, with fake fur collar, carried an over-sized bag, wore jeans with white sneakers with the tongues out. He had on a pair a over-size white-framed sunglasses.

Friday, April 16, 2010

4 - 16 - 10 Near Broadway and 42nd St., a handsome black guy who was wearing a cap, sideways on his head, earrings in his ears and tattoos on his neck. He had on a button-down, cardigan sweater, baggy-ripped jeans and a leather-shoulder bag. The guy who I saw on 9th Ave. & 41st. St., also wore his cap, sideways on his head and had on a pair of white-framed sunglasses. His baggy jeans that were short and above his ankles were held up by a belt with a large silver belt buckle. He had on a black-hooded sweatskirt.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

4 - 11 - 10 Before I was near Madison Ave. on 42nd St, I saw two black guys looking cool and took both aside to photograph them. The first guy had on an open, zippered hooded, black-and-white sweatshirt with a t-shirt under it that had black graffiti on it, wearing dark blue jeans, with a white knitted skull cap on his head. He wore a large pair of black sunglasses. His friend, was a stand-out in white jeans, white vest with a black t-shirt under it. He wore a black NY Yankees cap and lots of chains around his neck and two large-square diamonds in his ear. Two tourists from Austria, were quickly walking by me, near the Empire State Building and I grabbed a few photos. The shaggy-blond hair guy, wore a pair of large aviator sunglasses, a black cotton scarf, wrapped around his neck, a vest and a green shirt, tied around his waist. His friend was comfortably dressed in a pullover cotton sweatshirt and wearing a pair of dark sunglasses.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

4 - 10 - 10 As I was walking down Third Ave., heading to Union Square Park, I noticed a black guy near 27th St., who I took aside to a buildings wall to photograph him. He wore a gray opened-zippered sweatshirt, with a turquoise t-shirt under it, black jeans and a little multi-colored beanie on his head. His sneakers were trimmed in turquoise leather, with the tongues hanging out. His ears were pierced and wore a gold-chain around his neck. In the Park, I noticed a guy with a mixture of styles going on. He wore a black-and-white wide-striped cardigan, over a white tailored shirt that was half-tucked into his jeans and half out, with a tie around his neck. He wore brown suede moccasins type shoes, wore black framed sunglasses with black lenses and had a blue cap on his head. The next guy wore a military-style outfit, a military jacket with a military-style high hat and across his chest was a brown leather messenger bag. The Japanese guy's hair-style caught my eye, which was spiky and stood straight up on the top of his head. He wore a motorcycle leather jacket with white writings on it and worn-in jeans.
Walking back up Third Avenue a bright orange t-shirt was approaching me. I took the guy aside to the blue wall and photographed him wearing a tan shirt over it with the sleeves rolled up. He topped his head with a tan cap and his sunglasses had blue lenses. He took off his cap to show me his angled haircut, where one side came down longer than the other side. He was tall and slim and taught guitar lessons and lived in Brooklyn. Further up on Third in the 30's, I saw a Japanese guy standing in front of a Japanese restaurant. He wore a black puffy jacket, black t-shirt and very baggy jeans that were hanging low and tucked into his brown boots. He had on a cap, wore earrings, had a light mustache and goatee and wore a gold-chain around his neck.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

4 - 4 - 10 Strolling on Fifth Avenue to see the Easter Parade of hats, I noticed a lot of guys who were outlandishly dressed for the event, but didn't want to photograph those who were overly
Easterly. Liked the first guy who wore hot-pink pants, then the two guys who were a couple, one wearing blue bermuda shorts with a pair of white-framed sunglassed, the other in plaid bermuda shorts, an argle vest and a scarf wrapped around his neck. Both wore hats on their heads. The next guy was decked out in a white-striped, 3-piece suit and tie, wearing an Easter bonnet. Saw two guys standing together, one was a black guy who wore, wide striped-white pants, vest, red tie and a straw top hat. His friend was English-style dressed, long black over coat, black pants, black top hat, black sunglasses and holding a walking cane. His white hair and beard stood out from all the black. The guy posing on a wooden box, had his face painted in silver, wore bunny ears, purple pants and light-colored blazer. The guy in seersucker pants, striped blazer with flower in its lapel, yellow-tie and straw-top hat was the last guy of the day.

Friday, April 2, 2010

4 - 2 - 10 Heading up to Central Park on Seventh Ave., I noticed an Indian-looking guy, who had on white framed sunglasses, a hooded sweatshirt and camouflage pants. His dark black hair with bangs on his forehead, appeared from out of his hood on his head. The handsome black guy was standing in the park and he wore a yellow tie, a black shirt and a purple v-neck sweater with the sleeves pushed up. His pants were fitted and wore a pair of pointy brown shoes. He told me that he did modeling on the side. I saw a guy named, Marty, who lives in the East 40's and he always walks around, dressed very flamboyantly, one can't miss him. He wore a pirates hat, with a boa around it's rime, many colorful boas around his neck, had a walking stick and silver-sparkly knee high boots on which had platform soles. He, also had on black leather gloves, holding a thin-brown cigarette. He looked like a character and said he was out for a stroll. I have to photograph him in available-light, since it was dark and used a flash. Just read a NYTimes article about him, who is university educated and teaches piano from his apartment. Hope to see him again.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

4 - 1 - 10 Saw two cool black guys, walking near Bryant Park and took them aside near the wall for their photos. They told me they have a comedy show call "The d Littles Show" and I photographed Duane Littles first. His hair was fantastic, all his dreads were tied up and wrapped around in a bun-like fashion, atop his head and he wore large black-oval framed, black lens sunglasses. His black leather jacket, worn opened was well-worn in and his jeans were tight, wearing sneakers with the tongues sticking out. His good-looking face had a close facial hair as a mustache and on his chin. His buddy, also very cool, looking English-like in his clothes. He hair was in loose dreads, falling to his shoulders and had facial hair. His sunglasses were yellowish tinted lens. Dressed very cool with an ascot scarf, tucked into the collar of his shirt, a vest, dark
navy pants, tucked into a pair a LL Bean ankle duck boots. A wool blazer with a handkerchief tucked into the pocket and wore black leather gloves.