Thursday, May 27, 2010

5 - 20 - 10 Walking near Bryant Park, along came a young black guy, dressed in khaki pants, turquoise button-down sweater, a blue/white checker shirt and wearing a red tie. He looked all pulled together, nice and neat. His face sported a mustache and goatee. The next guy, I photographed a week before and he remembered me. This time, I saw him at the corner of 41st. & 6th Ave. and wearing black t-shirt with the saying "I love Hip Hop, a red cap, worn backwards and a pair of flannel-like, looking pajama pants, in red with Coca-Cola written all over them. He wore red sneakers and black wrap around sunglasses. Over by 42nd & Fifth, a guy who looked like a heavy-metal rocker was wearing all black. He had on a pair of short-cropped black pants, black t-shirt with white graffiti on it, black leather wrist band, a black cap, worn backwards, a silver chain hanging off of his pant pocket and a pair of round-framed black sunglasses. He had facial hair and long hair that fell to his shoulders.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

5 - 16 - 10 Walking on 42nd St., nearing Broadway, a handsome black guy is approaching. I took him aside to a building and photographed him wearing tight black jeans, a black belt w/large emblem on it, plaid vest and a light weight, zippered-front black jacket and a silver-chained necklace, hanging loosely on his chest. His clean-shaved face, showed off the 3-studded diamond earrings in his ear. He told me he was an actor and looked very confident and cool. The next guy, also nearby by was wearing a pair of oversized, red-framed sunglasses that caught my eye.
His red cap was tilted off his forehead, had on a red t-shirt, under his black sweater and wore khaki pants. Across the street from Bryant Park, I saw a guy who wore a graphic-Chinese like t-shirt, really nice, a green cap on his head, worn backwards, khaki baggy pants, green sneakers and a pair of large black sunglasses.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

5 - 15 - 10 Near Broadway & 42nd St., I stopped a black couple, walking near me and took pixs of the cute guy. He wore a multi-colored cotton scarf, looped around his neck and over his cotton-short sleeved shirt that hung over his jeans. Bracelets on his wrists and short twists of curled hair atop his head. He told me was a musician and lived in the Bronx.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

5 - 13 - 10 Walking on 42nd St. near Fifth Avenue, along comes a black guy, who was looking very cool in his white straw hat, turquoise cotton cardigan that hung out over his jeans, which were tucked into his high-top sneakers. He had on a white tailored shirt, a black-rubber cuff and a silver chain hanging off of his belt, wearing toffee shell rimmed sunglasses. Mentioned to me that he was a model for Kenneth Cole. Near the NY Library, I spotted a Japanese guy, also looking cool in his black/grey striped jeans, tucked into his military-style boots, a black graphic t-shirt, under his black blazer and sporting very tousled black hair. The silver chain around his neck had a triangle dangling from it. He told me that he was an art director by day and a performance artist at nite, living in Brooklyn.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

5 - 8 - 10 Walking on Madison Ave., near 41st St., two guys who told me they were from Honduras, lived in the Bronx and worked at McDonalds were photographed near a wall. The lst guy, wore a black cap w/an eagle on it, tight black jeans, a black-graphic t-shirt and black leather shoes with white graphics on them. Both his ears had large holes that you could see thru, with black rings in them. He had rosary beads around his neck and a light moustache and goatee that went with his perfect smile. His friend had curly, close-cropped hair, square diamond earrings in both ears and wore a green t-shirt under his gray/black plaid, cotton zippered front jacket. His jeans were held up by a belt with a large emblem in the front. The Japanese guy, I saw near SVA on 23rd St. and he looked like a student, but said he wasn't. His hair was bleached, orange-colored and chopped up, looking shaggy and fell over his forehead. He wore his light blue jeans, rolled up to his knees, had on a white t-shirt with a black graphic design on the front and carried his messenger bag on his back. He wore clear glasses with square frames.

5 - 7 - 10 The Spanish-looking guy, sitting in Bryant Park, was cool and relaxed as I approached him for a photo. He topped his head with a straw fedora, white t-shirt under his red plaid shirt, wearing jeans and lots of bracelets on his wrist. His facial hair was neat and trimmed, showing off his moustache and beard that come to a point. Leaving the Park on the 6th Ave. side and leaning on the stairs wall was a tall, slim, light-skinned black guy, looking very like a model, but wasn't. He wore a flowery-print shirt, outside his jeans with black ankle boots that had heels, which initially caught my eye. His sunglasses were square-rimmed in toffee-colored frames and his hair was close-cropped with curls. The next guy, I noticed was standing on the side of the Victoria Secret's store at 34th & Broadway. He had on jeans that were tucked into his tan Ugg boots, green t-shirt, necklace around his neck, under a black button-down sweater and an animal-print tote bag on his shoulder. His hair was tousled and off his forehead and wore of pair of mirrored-aviator sunglasses. Walking on 41st and Broadway, the Michael Jackson wannabe
caught my eye. Tall, slim black guy wearing black jeans and his aviator sunglasses, hanging off the top of the neck of his white t-shirt, white socks, black leather slip-on shoes. Not sure if he had a black wig on his head, with a curl hanging down in front of the center of his forehead. The stylish guy sitting in the island of Broadway looked perfect for photos. His hair was bleached-blond, almost white and told me he was a designer and just had a minute interview for Project Runway, but they told him his clothes were fashiony. He said that fashiony wasn't even a word. He seemed peeved, his name was Josuha, lived in Chelsea and worked in a bar in Chelsea. He had on one of his designs which was a black vest with silver bullets on it, tight jeans tucked into a pair of black military-style boots, silver chains hanging off of his belt, a graphic t-shirt with a
naked women's body on it. His over-sized black sunglasses were visor-like and wore a black arm-band.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

5 - 1 - 10 Walking thru Union Square Park, the black guy with the straw hat, caught my eye. He wore Bermuda shorts, leather black/white pointy shoes and a polo shirt. He had on a pair of clear lenses, black-framed eyeglasses and close-cropped facial hair. Had to take a photo of the blue-eyed Spanish guy, with the boa snake wrapped around his neck. His head was covered with a cap that was over a white do-rag that was tied securely around the top of his head. The foreign guy who was dressed all in black with black loose hair that flowed down to his waist, asked me if I was into heavy-metal music. I replied "no" but took his photo. Wearing tight black jeans with zippers on them, a black t-shirt with white emblem, metal belt and studded choker-necklace and studded wristband.