Sunday, June 6, 2010

6 - 6- 10 At 34th & Fifth a cool looking guy was wearing a loose, drapery, large black cardigan with a black scoop neck t-shirt under it. He also wore a silver chain with lots of large lockets and amulets on it. But, the most noticeable aspect about him was his hair, which looked feminine. He had wavy, puffed-up hair on the top of his head and wore a thin leather headband around his head. The large framed purple sunglasses were a standout and carried a colorful tote bag on his shoulder. He told me he was from Sweden.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

6 - 5 - 10 I first noticed this black guy's huge disc earrings in his ears, walking near Bryant Park. I found the technique to increase the size of the ear hole, interesting, when I asked him how he did it. He said one keeps introducing something larger in to it and his were larger than a quarter in size and turquoise in color that went along with the color of his cap. He wore a white t-shirt and black Bermudas that were cut off at the knees and black shoes. He was into photography. The next guy, I saw was at 6th and 44th St., wearing washed out jeans, a white man-tailored shirt with sleeves rolled up and out over his jeans, black tie and gray vest. He also had dog-tags on a silver chain around his neck and silver chain hanging off of his pants. His hair was cut closely to his head and neat, close cropped facial hair. Nice-looking, too.

6 - 4 - 10 Spotted near 43rd St. & Lexington was a neatly dressed guy in a dark grey, 3-piece suit and wearing a gold top hat. He wore a white tie with a hot pink shirt under his vest. He told me he was a musician and was playing that nite at 8 pm in a club in Harlem. Over at 42nd St. & Madison, I noticed a shaggy-haired guy with pink strands of hair walking next to me. I took him next to a wall to shoot him in a zippered light-weight leather jacket, white t-shirt, baggy jeans and wore a pink bandanna around his neck. He said he was a poet. The black guy, across the street from Bryant Park was dressed mostly in black. Dark blue tight jeans, black button-down cardigan sweater and a white t-shirt that hung out over the bottom of his sweater. His close-cropped hair looked cool, along with his very large black lens/black framed sunglasses that looked like a pair of RayBans. He mentioned that he was an Art Director for Lucky Magazine.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

6 - 3 - 10 Near Port Authority at 41st. St., along came a Spanish-looking guy, looking cool in his sleeveless white t-shirt that hung out of his jeans. Around his neck he wore gold rosary beads with a cross. Atop his head was a black cap, worn on the side. His good-looking face had sexy facial hair and a thin wisps of hair around his mouth and chin. Nice looking on him. The guy who was approaching me on 41st. and Broadway had two-tone hair. Part of it was dark, the other half was bleached orange and was high on his head and perfectly cut. He was into Mickey Mouse, since the back of his head into his hair was shaved an emblem of Mickey Mouse, very cute on him. He had on a multi-colored t-shirt, which he wore under a short sleeved black cotton sweater and adored his fingers with multi-fingered rings on both hands. His grayish jeans were worn above his ankle sneakers and had a backpack on his back with Mickey Mouse stuffed animal hanging from it and wore of oversized black framed clear glasses. Can't forget the large Mickey Mouse button that he wore on his sweater.