Friday, August 6, 2010

8 - 1 - 10 On Seventh Ave., between 33rd & 34th St., I noticed a black guy with a clean-shaven head, wearing a pair of black-framed, dark lens sunglasses, decked out in a washed-out, long sleeved denim shirt and denim pants. I took his photo, up against a plain wall, while he posed for me, when I asked for a picture. He bent his knee in a bit and gave me "the pose" shot. Really liked it and him. His smile was perfect and loved his black leather belt with a large belt buckle that had the letter "S" engraved in it. Next, walking on 33rd towards Fifth Ave. came a guy that had very thick looking, shaggy hair and facial hair. To me, it looked fake, but didn't ask, since I wanted his photo and he obliged in his tight jacket, tight jeans, pointy leather shoes and wearing a white shirt with a skinny tie. Can't forget those mirrored-lenses, aviator sunglasses. On the same street, along came two guys who told me they were from Senegal. I liked the guy who wore his countries long light-blue, one-piece looking robe and he carried an umbrella that looked like a walking stick. His friend was dressed in jeans, striped polo shirt and looked more Americanized. Both were photographed against a dropped-down, aluminum garage door.