Saturday, September 25, 2010

9 - 20 - 10 At the corner of 42nd & Madison, the guy walking towards me, was picture-ready. He wore a vest, white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, shoulder bad and his pants were tapered down at the ankles. Very stylish. The punkish-looking guy in front of Grand Central Station, had the hood from his black sweatshirt, over his head, facial hair, full arm tattoos and smoked his cigarette, while I photographed him.

9 - 18 - 10 Walking thru Times Square, a guy caught my eye, since his hairstyle was worn with shaved sides and his dark, dark black hair was piled high on top of his head. He wore a red sweatshirt, gray work-out pants, striped t-shirt and turquoise sneakers. The Japanese guy at the corner of 42nd St. & 6th, had on a blue & white striped cardigan cotton sweater and plaid shorts and carried a large leather sachel bag. I noticed another oriental guy, further down on 42nd St. St, dressed in a dark suit, clack t-shirt under his jacket, wore sandals and his dark hair was tied back in a ponytail.

9 - 18 - 10 At the corner of 41st & 8th Ave., I noticed a very tall, slim guy dressed in a pink shirt, with a short, light-blue jacket, dark tight jean, hat and pointy shoes. He posed for a photo and he looked like he could model. His name is Derron, 23 yrs. of age, lives in Queens and works at the Fifth Ave. store, A & F. Next at 43rd & Lexington Avenue, near Grand Central Station stood a guy from California, looking very relaxed in his jeans, wearing a very slouchy knit hat with brown & turquoise stripes on it. He also had facial hair. Outside Port Authority, 41st. & 8th, was a guy visiting from Serbia. He wore plaid shorts, scarf tied around his neck and his very thick eyebrows, stood out. He tied a sweater around his waist and the tongues of his sneakers were sticking out.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9 - 6 - 10 At the corner of Fifth Ave. & 40th St, I photographed an oriental guy in a white shirt that hung out over his jeans that were slung low around his waist, revealing the top band of his A&F underwear and has rips in the knees. His black hair was pulled back at the sides and tied a in small pony-tail. The black guy at 41st & Fifth Ave. wore army-green pants to the knees and black t-shirt, black sneakers, black socks, with lots of chains and beads hanging around his neck. His sunglasses were over-sized.

8 - 8 - 10 Walking near 33rd St. & Seventh Ave. and near a very crowded corner of people, stood a black guy who was wearing a cap, t-shirt with a color picture and it and very slashed-up jeans. I took him from the crowd, over to the side of a building where I did these photos of him. Down the block, towards 6th Ave. and standing in the new pedestrian area was a slim guy in over-sized white framed sunglasses, facial hair and wearing a pair of skin-tight black jeans, with a denim sleeveless vest over his black t-shirt.