Saturday, October 30, 2010

10 - 30 - 10 The tall, thin black guy outside of Grand Central Station was very model-like, even when he posed for my camera and dressed in classic black velvet blazer, a white collarless shirt under it, black tight pants. He also had on a pair of large aviator mirrored sunglasses, showing off a great pair of cheekbones and loved his hair, which was combed back and into a tight hanging braid. He carried two tote bags. Walking over to Javits Center a saw a guy standing outside of a building with piercings on this lips,under his lip and thru his nose, along with two large holes in his ears, holding small round disc earrings and shaved hair, except for some on the top of his head. He was dressed all in black, had white graphic design on his black t-shirt and black wrap around sunglasses. A heavy metal look.

10 - 24 - 10 Outside Grand Central Station, stood a handsome, tall black guy with black wrap around sunglasses on and said he was originally from the island of Jamaica and now living in NJ.
His large belt buckle stood out on his jeans, along with his oversize watch with diamonds on his wrist and large ring to go with it. Had orange shoe laces on his white sneakers, matching the orange stripe in his cotton shirt, under his short black jacket.

10 - 23 - 100 Walking near the library on 42nd St. near Fifth Avenue and standing by the wall, I took the guy's photo who was "the man in black" from head to toe. Wearing a black cap, black framed glassed, diamond star earrings in both ears, thin black leather jacket and black jeans. Over by 39th & 9th Avenue was a guy in aviator sunglasses, his hair was closely shaved at the sides, wearing a white graphic t-shirt and tight jeans. The next guy who came by in the exact same place was his scarf that caught my eye and how he worn it loosely around his neck, dark sunglasses and a t-shirt with large GT letters on it, baggy jeans and spoke with an accent and nice tousled hair. Walking around in Hell's Kitchen flea market was a guy with an interesting pair of sunglasses, which looked like one-piece of plastic that wrapped across his eyes, a black dot of an earring, red tight jeans tucked into his boots, a sweater tied around his waist and wore a loose fitting 3/4 sleeve sweater, over his graphic black t-shirt. The next guy in the flea market was cartoonishy-dressed. One couldn't miss him, a stand out amongst the crowd. He wore very round, oversized framed glasses, multi-colored pants, red graphic t-shirt, multi-colored zippered front cotton jacket and light blue, high top converse sneakers.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 - 3- 10 Walking near Herald Square, 34th St., sitting at one of the tables was a cool guy with a cotton scarf tied around his forehead, exposing his curly hair. I asked him to stand by the statue where I noticed his black converse sneakers, tight jeans, white zippered-front sweatshirt with a black & white plaid scarf, tucked in around his neck. He said his name was David.
Further on 34th St., the black guy was neatly dressed in a tailored suit jacket, white shirt under it, baggy worn-in jeans with a thick scarf around his neck and wireless, clear eyeglasses.
The guy who told me he was visiting from London was near 5th Ave. & 34th St. he wore a white ruffled, front shirt, black pants and a black beret on his head that sat on top, looking like a dinner plate.