Thursday, November 25, 2010

11 - 25 - 10 Front of NY Public Library on Fifth Ave., stood a Japanese guy posing for a photo and took one of him, too. He wore a short, tight black one-button jacket, white shirt sticking out from under it with a black & gray scarf tied tightly around his neck, tight blue jean and had on a pair of clear-lenses, black framed eyeglasses. His hair looked stylish cut, choppy and fringe in the front, falling on his forehead. The guy at the corner of 33rd & Broadway wore a large black fur hat, looking really good on him and had a small goatee on his chin, wore slim black jeans and had a long white scarf around his neck that hung loose and a black overcoat, which he had opened.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

11 - 19- 10 Walking along 40th St., near Madison Ave. were two cool guys from the band Mulholland Drive, getting a bite to eat from the nearby deli. They played Kenny's Castaway's in the Village on Fri. nite and playing a gig in Philly the next day. The guy that I took photos of wore a gray fedora over his scruffy hair and goatee, a black puffy jacket, tight lack jeans and black high-top sneakers. Very cool. The Japanese guy on 34th St. was a bit more subdued in his checkered shirt that he wore outside his jeans, thin clear framed eyeglasses and top it all off with diamond stud earrings in both his ears. The black guy standing in front of Victoria Secret's on 34th St. made me look at him, since I liked his long-dread locks that were down to his collar and under his black cap that he wore backwards. His oversized dark sunglasses were frameless, looking like one piece of plastic across his eyes, wore a black sweatshirt with a bright green face caricature on it, a black scarf wrapped around his neck, under a gray army jacket. On West 38th St., I noticed a tall, slim black guy approaching and his hair was noticeably unique. I loved his hair, very styled and haven't seen anything like it. His top hair was a long swirl of hair on this head and perfect and his sides of his hair was shaved, very unique. His eyes were covered in a pair of oversized black oval framed sunglasses, black sweatshirt, under a gray sweatshirt hoodie, gray sweatshirt pants that came to his knees, black socks and black high-top sneakers and a long-hanging necklace around his neck. Walking into Hell's Kitchen flea market, it has become one of my favorite places to visit, considering all the cool people who go and are in the neighborhood. I photographed this guy before and took him in front of a wooden wall, said his name was Zandra, wore a belted salmon colored dress, over tight gray pants and wore turquoise high top sneakers with lots of multi-colored bangles on his wrist and a broach on his dress, very outrageous, but individualistic, loved it. Nest was a guy dressed almost in all black, the New York code apparel, except for his gray fedora hat, black suit jacket, scarf wrapped around his neck, black jeans, black sunglasses and white shoes.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


11 - 13 - 10 In Hell's Kitchen's flea market at 9th & 39th, a guy with dreadlocks, under his denim cap with paisley print on the top, stood by the military jackets. Took him aside, as he was wearing an army green, short jacket, a grey hoodie sweatshirt under it, tight jeans and had a light beard, looking good. The next guy, was into posing for me in torn jeans, tight gray, pullover sweater, very large aviator sunglasses and carried a shoulder bag and a little wisp of facial hair under his bottom lip. Gave me a nice smile for his portrait. The guy with two cameras across his chest, one he said was for film, the other digital was dressed in a 3-piece suit, each piece not matching, along with a tie and looked eclectic. He had necklace adornments around his neck, one large and a wood peace sign on a chord. Over his curly hair was a colorful knit cap. His wooden piercings thru one end of his ear and out the other, were eye-catching. Walking back to my apt. and on 9th Avenue, a very tall, slim guy, dressed in all black, stood out amongst the crowd of people. He wore very slim, black tight jeans, a long white t-shirt, hanging out from his biker leather jacket. He draped a long wide loose black scarf around his neck and had on a pair of classic black sunglasses. His hair matched his outfit, with all over black hair, high on the front of his head, he had a piece of white hair in the front, very unique.

Monday, November 1, 2010

10- 31 - 10 At 38th & 10th Ave. a cute guy was walking his dog and had on a gray knit skull cap, mirrored aviator sunglasses, white t-shirt, under a nice looking bulky sweater with designs on it, black jeans and black leather combat boots, looking very cool.