Friday, December 31, 2010

12 - 31 - 10 At 34th & Fifth, the shaggy-haired blond guy stood out with his long straight bangs that fell to his eyebrows. It reminded me of a blond Beatlesque hair from way back when. His name was Louis from Belgium and wore a blue scarf around his neck. The sharp-looking black guy on 34th St., had interested hair going on. His sides were shaved and into circular swirls on his head. The top of his head had a mini-Mohawk fringe that went down the center part. It looked good on him. He wore a large black scarf, tightly wrapped around his neck and over his gray blazer-like jacket and his jeans were tucked into black leather combat boots. The last guy that I saw on 34th St. and had to photograph, wore green plastic fun eyeglasses celebrating New Year's with 2011 over his eyes. Atop his head was a multi-colored clown-like hat with Happy New Year on it. It was my last photo for the year and many more to take in the New Year!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

12 - 22 - 10 Walking on 42nd St., towards Broadway, I quickly noticed the guy with the turquoise blue colored curly hair. He also had his eyebrow pierced, wore a turquoise colored, hoodie sweatshirt with a cartoon character on the front of it. Around his neck was wrapped a checkered black/white scarf and wore scruffy jeans. He said his named was Michael and was 21 yrs. of age. The next guy who I saw was sorta of dancing on the sidewalk and said his name was Daddy Love and that he was a model. He wore a light-brown leather, blazer like jacket that was opened and revealed a dark blue-button down sweater and had a large cross around his neck. He wore white framed sunglasses and tied a black scarf around his neck. His brownish colored jeans, looked stone-washed and wore a pair of brown pointy shoes with a design on them. After photographing him, he continued dancing.

Monday, December 20, 2010

12 - 20 - 10 Coming out of Grand Central Station, a hippie-like guy was approaching, said his name was Ibrain and was taking the train to Connecticut to visit his family. Said he was a traveller and wants to visit Guatemala. He wore brown-framed eyeglasses, had dreadlocks and trinkets in this braids. One which I noticed was of a moon & star, reminding me of my hippie days. He wore lots of multi-colored scarves around his neck, carried a satin-like pouch of a bag, wore a large scarf-like hat on his head, brown velvet pants that were tucked into his laced-up combat boots. Very interesting-look. The next guy further up on 42nd St., near Fifth Ave., this guy wore extra-large, plastic like one-piece black sunglasses, a very large gray scarf, wrapped around his neck, his opened jacket revealed a graphic t-shirt, under a small-checked shirt and his jeans were tucked into his high-top, laced-up combat-like boots. His shaved head looked neat, too, I liked it.

Friday, December 17, 2010

12 - 17 - 10 Walking on 42nd St., near Bryant Park, a guy from Tokyo and named Shin, had a black bowler's hat on this head that caught my eye. While he smoked a cigarette, I took him aside against the metal fence. His wore very baggy jeans that were cuffed at the bottoms, red plaid shirt under his short leather jacket. The ends of his hair that were sticking out from under his hat were bleached an Orange color. And he spoke English. The guy on 42nd St. near Broadway was bundled up for the cold. His fake fur trapper's hat was tied under his chin and his navy scarf was wrapped securely around his neck. A turquoise color t-shirt hung out from under this jacket that had some white designs on it and wore gray-jersey running pants. Said his name was Egarton.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 - 14 - 10 In front of the H&M store at the corner of Fifth & 42nd St. was a oriental guy, wearing a large black fur trappers hat, black parka, black long scarf around his neck, black jeans and yellow high-top sneakers. The guy on 44th St. had two silver piercings on his lip, a cap on his head with graffiti on the front, with his hood from his sweatshirt on and over it. Wore a motorcycle jacket, studded belt on his low-ripped jeans.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

12 - 12 - 10 Walking south on Fifth Ave. near 28th St., a Japanese guy, named Tim wore green rubber rain boots, a slouchy black sweatshirt over a gray long neck jersey t-shirt with black jersey pants, tucked into his rain boots. On his shoulder he carried a black bag that had a black stuffed animal attached to it. The next guy who came along said his name was Mohammed and had a very long scarf loosely around his neck that went down to his knees, wool hooded coat worn open, jeans tucked into his combat boots. His hair was closely cropped to his head and was dyed blond and wore very large, one-piece plastic sunglasses that looked like a shield. He was a tall guy and had a silver-ball piercing under his bottom lip.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

12 - 12 - 10 Leaving Union Square area and walking on 16th St, a guy dressed in the uniform of all black was approaching. Upclose, he looked a little bit, like a young Elvis. He had jet black hair that he combed back off of his forehead, with a wisp of a curl and light facial hair. He wore a white t-shirt, under his long button down sweater, under his hooded, thigh-length coat with tight black jeans. Nice-looking guy.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12 -8 - 10 Walking on chilly 42nd St, along came a guy who was warmly dressed in a gray-knit trapper's hat with Mohawk fringe on top. I had him turn his head sideways, to get a better look. He wore a black wool jacket with white decals going down the length of the arms and a large white running horse was on the front of it. Black heavy gloves, stone-washed black jeans.

Monday, December 6, 2010

12 - 5 - 10 Didn't notice this guys silver-ball piercing that he had under his bottom lip, until he got closer and I did a headshot of him. His bright yellow sweater stood out under his black jacket and had a large cowl neck sweater under it.

12 - 4 - 10 Walking on Ninth Ave., between 40th & 41st. St, I noticed a black guy with a large Afro hair crossing the street, also wore sunglasses, red scarf wrapped around his neck, gray jacket and black jeans. He looked neatly dressed with the touch of red scarf for the holidays.