Thursday, January 27, 2011

1 - 27 - 11 At 42nd & Fifth, Joey from NYC with closely-cut hair, wearing a black puffy jacket with fur-trimmed hood, black jeans that had a silver-link chair hanging from the pant pocket. Had facial hair and a light moustache and noticed a purple-hooded sweatshirt that was under his jacket. Can't forgot those white high-top leather sneakers. Julien, from Paris, I noticed on Fifth Ave., wearing a knit skull cap, large black aviator sunglasses, a large gray scarf that was loosely draped around his neck, blue puffy jacket, jeans and had an army-green canvas messenger bag, crossed over his chest. He looked neatly put together. The 2nd Joey that I photographed today was on 9th Ave. & 40th St., wearing a brown fedora hat, white t-shirt under his blazer tan jacket, two scarves around his neck, one that had YSL symbols on it, along with a belt with an YSL buckle and a diamond square earring in one of his ears.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

1 - 15 - 11 On 34th St., the guy who was dressed all in distressed leather said he was from Spain, spoke little English and was an international student, going to school in the city. He had on a distressed light blue, zippered front, short jacket with a red stripe going down the sleeve of the arms, wore tight brown leather pants which were tucked into his black leather combat boots. His hair was interesting which he wore pulled back into a ponytail, exposing lots of curls and were bleached looking from the front of his darker hair.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

1 - 12 - 11 Howie, a long-haired, bleached blond guy at the corner of 38th & Eighth Ave., who also wore a wide head band scarf with skulls on it. Had on black tight jeans, combat boots and black leather jacket with a graphic black t-shirt under it. His sunglasses were great, very psychedelic with lots of multi-colors coming thru on the lenses and were wraparounds. There was also a tattoo on his check that looked like a lightning bolt. On 42nd St, the guy who said he was from the Bronx, wore a wool skull cap, large black-framed clear glasses, goatee on his chin, tight blue scar wrapped around his neck, black leather motorcycle jacket and his jeans were tucked into his black leather combat boots. On 42nd St. the guy from the Bronx wore a wool skull cap, black framed clear glasses, goatee on his chin, blue scarf tightly wrapped around his neck, black leather motorcycle jacket, jeans and black leather combat boots.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1 - 22 - 11 At Astor Place in the East Village and crossing the street was a guy who was decked out in a blue blower's hat, a short tight, double-breasted jacket that revealed his tight hip-hugging jeans that were cuffed at the bottoms, a brown belt around his hips and large pink scarf wrapped around his neck. His long black straight hair hung out at the front of his hat, over one eye and almost covering one side of his face. Looking very Culture Clubish. On the Bowery and smoking a cigarette, this guy was all in black. He wore a black leather cap, short motorcycle-like jacket, black jeans and had light facial hair around the sides of his face, down to his chin.

1 - 20 - 11 At 43rd & 6th Ave., he said that he didn't speak much English and was from Sardinia, Italy. He had on a red/black plaid flannel shirt, white turtleneck under it and a black puffy down jacket. His extra large, square framed sunglasses were a standout, along with his baldish head. I noticed his large wristwatch that he wore, had on worn-in jeans, green high-top sneakers and carried a large green canvas bag.

1 - 10 - 11 On 23rd St. , off of Fifth Avenue, I spotted Bobby and he mentioned to me that I have photographed him before in Union Square. He's always looking interesting and that is why, I did again, today. Atop his head was a plaid cap, wool fingerless gloves, wearing a denim jacket over a sweater and a gray long scarf that was draped around his neck. His jeans were cuffed at the bottom and showed off his leather high-tops. The guy sitting on the bench at Madison Square Park was dressed in the all-black outfit and said his name was Jameson, like in the liqueur and lived on the Lower Eastside. His hair was shaved on only one side of his head, wore a pair of black aviator sunglasses, black long scarf, black coat and black jeans.

1 - 8 - 10 Walking out of Starbucks on Third Ave. & 43rd, Rick who is from NYC was wearing a puffy gray nylon-zippered ski-like jacket, large gray scarf around his neck and high black boots with a wide band of brown around the top of them. He carried a large two-tone satchel on his shoulder. Steve from Staten Island, I had to stop, since he wore a beautiful, large brown wool shawl around his shoulders of his black overcoat. The shawl had fur fox-tails handing off of it, looking wonderful. Especially different was his hair, since one side was in a braid twist, never seen that before and looked good on him. He also had lite facial hair, wore black jeans and carried a large purple-cloth should satchel. He said he was in fragrance sales and also did design.

1 - 5 - 11 At 42nd & Fifth Ave., the guy in the fur-like trappers hat looked cool and noticed the black scarf over his gray jacket, black jeans, black leather shoes and carried a black leather messenger-type bag, wearing the strap across his chest. He said he was from Brooklyn, NY. Also at the same corner and similarly dressed, neat and cool, he also was wearing a large fur-like trapper's hat with the ear flaps down, a pair of black-framed, clear eyeglasses and had a thin-wisp of facial hair on his upper lip. His checkered black/white scarf was wrapped around his neck and tucked into his tan opened jacket. Hanging out of his jean's back pocket were a pair of gloves and wore dark brown and tan boots. Both handsome guys.

1 - 2 - 11 At 34th & Fifth Avenue, I saw a guy wearing a large pair of aviator sunglasses and a wool cap with ear flaps on his head, peeking out from under the front, I saw some wisps of bleached blond hair. Being a mild day, he just had on a graphic t-shirt, over a gray-long turtleneck polo, wrapped a long scarf around his neck and wore black leather gloves, said he was from Puerto Rico. The guy near Grand Central Station, was approaching with a houndstooth hat on his head, couldn't miss it. He said his name was Nori, lived in the East Village and worked on a magazine for Japanese people, called Chopstick. He had on a white, double-breasted jacket, black t-shirt under it, which exposed an "evil-eye" necklace, around his neck. His black jeans were tucked into his high-top brown leather shoes. Looked sharp.

1 - 1 - 11 Had to take a photo today, while walking north on Fifth Ave. in the 40's, I saw a guy who had on a wool cap, the ones with the braids on each side on his head and told me he got it in Paris, did say France on the front, a blue sweater under his brown wool jacket and headphones around his neck. His jeans were tucked into a pair of high-top sneakers, which were multi-colored and looked expensive, never seen them before. Nicely-dressed and nice looking, too. He told me he was from the Czech Republic and said his name, which I didn't understand. His English was pretty good.