Saturday, February 26, 2011

2 - 26 - 11 Walking on Fifth Ave. in the 40's, along came Wilfred, who said I photographed him before and easy to know why, when dressed very stylish. This time he wore a knit skull cap, a knit beige vest with a black heavy sweater under it, black scarf around his neck. His jophur-like jeans were rolled up at the bottoms and wore a white leather belt around his waist. Also, on Fifth Ave. this good-looking guy had on a jean jacket, black sweater under it, gray scarf around his neck and black leather pants. He wore large sunglasses and his hair was stylized, chopped up look with bits of hair sticking up at the top. He looked cool. Right after him and standing near Starbucks was a Japanese guy, whose white bangs were sticking out from under his black skull cap, looking very modern-like, especially with the silver hoop nose ring. His gray criss-crossed, loose sweater, hung out of his short, black leather bomber jacket. Wore tight black jeans and a black scarf around his neck. On East 53rd St., approaching me was Faisal, from Pakistan, looking very sharp and together, wearing bell-bottom jeans and a suede, patchwork jacket with bell-bottom sleeves and looked hand-made. He had a beige scarf tucked neatly into the collar of the jacket and wore a knit cap, which showed off his eyes and a patch of hair under his lip, along with the dimple in his chin. The guy with punkish blond hair was standing outside a bar on 2nd Ave. His rhinestone belt bucket on his jeans caught my eye, along with the aviator sunglasses.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

2 - 20 - 11 Saw Carlos, from Mexico City at the corner of 39th & Fifth Ave., who was dressed in all black and carrying a large white leather satchel bag. Around his neck, loosely draped was a blue fringed scarf, white framed sunglasses and his hair was styled, neatly chopped up at the top and spiky, looked good on him. The next guy at the same corner, visiting from San Francisco had an auburn tint to the front of his hair, red scarf around his neck red fingerless gloves that showed his light blue nail polish and wore a blue striped polo shirt under his short tan opened jacket. He had some facial hair and had on a large pair of black sunglasses.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

2 - 19 - 11 In the Chelsea area, West 21st St., was a cool-looking guy wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket with a black hooded sweatshirt under it. The hood was up on his head, showing off his facial hair. He had on fingerless gloves and his blue jeans were tucked into his tan combat boots. The Japanese guy from Japan was dressed in all black, wearing a black skirt over his black pants, black scarf around his neck, grayish knit skull cap, large black framed clear glasses and a moustache. Across his chest was the strap to a camera that was in a red leather camera case and matched his red sneakers.

Friday, February 18, 2011

2 - 18 - 11 On 42nd St., wearing a hat, a pair of black framed, round clear glasses and a white/red striped polo shirt under his denim jacket, this Japanese guy told me that he lives in Queens and did not understand his name. His baggy jeans were cuffed at the bottoms and had facial hair on his face.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

2 - 17 - 11 A young Boy George look-a-like, wearing a black bowler's hat and said his name was Sebastian was walking on West 39th St. Under his black sweater-like jacket with marabou feathers on the collar, he wore a white & black strip jersey and had a small red & white checkered, cotton scarf around his neck. His tight jeans were cuffed on the bottoms. Also, on West 39th St., was Lou who gave me his business card and said he was the Creative Director for a clothing line. Couldn't miss his fingerless, black leather studded gloves and his gray/black graphic jacket that he wore a black-hooded sweatshirt under it and hood up on his head. Had some facial hair and wore a large pair of aviator sunglasses. Sheldon was also walking on West 39th St., had on a trapper's hat, red/blue striped scarf, gray thigh-length jacket and goatee. Saw
Reggie on 42nd St. & Fifth, who said lives in Washington Heights, had on a short tan sweater, green scarf with Louis Vuitton symbols on it, across his chest was the strap to a large Louis Vuitton bag, square diamond earrings in each ear, close-cropped hair, some facial hair, large sunglasses and a gold bangle bracelet on his wrist.

Monday, February 7, 2011

2 - 7 - 11 The white fedora hat was a standout on 42nd St., atop the head of a male model from Latvia and who was in NYC for the shows this week. Chiseled face, high-check bones and had some strands of grey hair sticking out from the front of his hat and wisps fell over his eye. He had on baggy, washed out jeans, low-rise, belt around his waits and wore a black nylon jacket with a black turtleneck under it. He told me he was 23 yrs. of age and was with DNA, the modeling agent. I noticed this guy's very pointy, two-toned brown/tan shoes with metal tips at the corner of 43rd. & Lexington. He told me he was from Niger and had short curly hair, wore a knee-length, slim-wool coat, tan pants and a scarf around his neck.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

2 - 3 - 11 Walking on 42nd St. near 7th Avenue, along came a model from Australia, interesting looking guy from mixed cultures, wore a plaid scarf around his neck, black leggings and the item that caught my eye was an uneven black hemmed-like skirt, over his leggings. He also had on a pair of combat boots. I photographed again the Michael Jackson look-a-like, also on 42nd St., had his white glove on, red jacket, black pants, shows and white socks. Even his hair had ringlets.