Friday, March 25, 2011

3 - 25 - 11 Patrick, who I spotted on 42nd St., near 8th Ave. told me that he goes to grad film school in LA. He had on a black leather motorcycle jacket, black skull knit hat, scarf draped around his neck, nice looking facial hair and had some wisps of his longish hair sticking out from his cool hat. An added stylish note was the leather gloves sticking out of his back pocket. Stevie said he was from Brooklyn, repeated his name to me, like Stevie Wonder. He also had on a black leather motorcycle jacket and wore a denim shirt under it and his jeans were tucked into a pair of green leather high tops. Scarf around his neck, shoulder bag and a cool black derby-like hat topped his look. Walking, also on 42nd St. was a gentleman who said he recently moved back to NYC. He stood out in his yellow blazer, leather gloves, scarf around his neck, sporting sunglasses, jeans and a cap. Near Bryant Park another guy was approaching with his jeans tucked into his high-tops, carried a shoulder bag and had neat style hair which was closely shaved on the sides and curly hair on the top of his head. Tall and slim, looking neat. Across from Grand Central Station was a guy who said he was originally from Germany but now lives in Brooklyn. He wore a heavy button-down cardigan sweater, scarf around his neck, black sunglasses and his hair was sleeked straight back off of his forehead, which made him look European. Khaki pants and white shirt combo was a Brooks Brothers look.

Friday, March 11, 2011

3 - 11 - 11 Walking on East 44th St. & Lexington saw this guy, who said he is from LA with a long black thin braid of hair. Both sides of his head was completely shaven and had this thin strip of jet black hair down the middle of his head and the braid ran down his back. He also had a moustache and a fu man chu goatee. Wore black jeans, black sunglasses. On 42nd St., Chris from Brooklyn had layers on under his denim jacket. A lite blue t-shirt under a beige button down cardigan. He had on a knit skull cap that looked like it was full of his hair in the back, fingerless gloves, black jeans tucked into his brown leather ankle boots. Also, on 42nd St. Kendall had on a pea coat, gray scarf around his neck, carried a black leather shoulder bag, large sunglasses and short curly dread locks. The Japanese guy on 42nd St., wore all black, including a skirt over a his black jeans and his bleached blond hair was eye-catching.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

3 - 5 - 11 At the corner of 34th St. & Broadway, this guy wore a knit cap, white t-shirt under an
opened beige cardigan sweater and a large silver cross, hung around his neck. He had a large cross-over-the-chest, canvas messenger bag, diamond square earrings which showed off his interesting facial hair. His black jeans were tucked into brown leather laced-up boots. His friend had on a red cap with the letter A on the front, black t-shirt under a gray hoodie sweatshirt. He wore rosary beads as a necklace and also had on diamond earrings. Tucked into his high-top sneakers were his low-rise washed out jeans.