Saturday, April 30, 2011

4 - 29 - 11 On 42nd St., near Grand Central Station, I noticed the gray pullover with all the holes in it, approaching me. Suni is his name and he also had on a knit blue cap, tied-back dread locks and facial hair. His jean were cuffed and had laced-up black leather ankle boots. Walking on Fifth Ave., this guy wore a short-sleeve shirt, with a black tie, clear glasses and his hair was curly on top. Obviously, he was on his lunch-break, from being an legal assistant. I noticed his wrist-written tattoo and he explained to me the translation and it was beautiful words, which I forget to be able to add in here. Also, on Fifth Ave. this guy had on a t-shirt with a graphic figure on it and hung out from his short jean jacket. He had on a pair of black Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses and I noticed his full-arm tattoos. This next guy, I liked his green-lined cap with his loose dread-locks flowing out from underneath.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

4 - 22 - 11 From Sydney, Australia who I met at the corner of 42nd St. & 8th Ave., wearing a black scarf, white graphic t-shirt under a black hoodie sweatshirt and black jeans. I liked his dark black fringy hair, looking cool. His friend, also from Sydney wore a multi-colored scarf, aviator clear eyeglasses, black jeans and a sleek, zippered-front black leather jacket. His hair was also cool with close-shaved sides and lots of fringy hair on the top on his head. At the 42nd & 9th, along came Campbell, who said his name is like the soup, whose orange pants stood out on a drabby day, tan car coat and white classic polo dress shirt under it. His sandy hair was long and tousled.

Friday, April 15, 2011

4 - 15 - 11 Liam was handing out flyers, outside Grand Central Station. His hair was what caught my eye, neat-looking, different for a guy's style which was bouffant on the top, feminine-looking making his hair very interesting. Liked his oversized black scarf that he wrapped around his neck, over a thin gray cardigan sweater. Had on tight jeans that were tucked into high-top black sneakers and wore a pair of large black sunglasses. On 34th St, this guy said he was a model and had a a red-plaid shirt with his sleeves rolled up. His faded jeans had two large rips on each knee. His longish blond hair in the front, covered his forehead and wore large black sunglasses. The other guy on 34th St. was neatly dressed with a black t-shirt under a khaki trench 3/4 length jacket, black pants and was sockless in his black leather shoes. He carried a large black leather satchel.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

4 - 14 - 11 Walking along 34th St. near Broadway, along came Miguel who is from France. Liked his long-dread locks that fell on his shoulders. He was neatly dressed, wearing a tied scarf around his neck, white sweater that was worn outside his jeans and hung out from under his black zippered-front, short cotton jacket. Some facial hair showed off his good-looking face. Walking towards 9th Ave. on 38th St., a guy dressed all in black with long-hair to his shoulders and flowing in the wind was approaching. He was nicely dressed with a black scarf around his neck, black pants, black jacket, black leather shoes and black framed clear eyeglasses. Jason at the corner of 38th St. was already posing for me. He said he was a model and his face clearly revealed his handsomeness. He had striking, light blond full hair, black jeans, military-style jacket, large pair of black framed sunglasses and a messenger bag, slung across his chest.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

4 - 9 - 11 Spotted this guy at 36th & 8th Ave., wearing his scarf knotted around his neck, cap, jeans and sporting some facial hair. Near Hell's Kitchen's flea market was this dapper guy wearing a straw hat, camel blazer, scarf hanging loosely around his neck, sunglasses and a thick turquoise watch band.

Friday, April 8, 2011

4 - 8 - 11 Near 42nd & Fifth Ave, this handsome guy told me that he was a photographer. He had on a puffy gray vest over a blue/white plaid shirt that hung out over his black jeans which were cuffed at the bottoms. I noticed that he wore leather wrist bands on both wrists, sunglasses that showed off his close cropped hair, sexy facial hair, earrings in his ears and a cute dimple in his cheek. I stopped Shawn, near 35th & 8th Ave. looking neatly dressed in a tan blazer, tan sweater under it and white shirt with a tie. A handkerchief stuck out of his blazer's pocket. What was interesting was that he was wearing tailored camouflage pants and had a pair of leather gloves sticking out of his back pocket and rolled cuffs that showed off his brown leather high-top shoes. His hair was neatly chopped up and had sexy facial hair.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

4 - 2 - 11 At the corner of 42nd St. & Fifth was Holden who is from Canada. He told me that he always dresses this way, which is wearing a red-plaid kilt, striped knee socks, red high tops and a multi-colored floppy hat, highlighting his long red hair. Walking further south on Fifth & 36th St. was a guy from NYC, looking neat, especially his hair that had closed shaved sides. He looked cool in his large black framed sunglasses and wore a plaid shirt, out over his tight, cuffed jeans. His wrist revealed a gold bangle bracelet and carried a leather bag. The slim guy from Brooklyn was at 35th St. and wore all black. From a black knit cap which showed off the large disc earring in his earlobe and tight black jeans.