Friday, May 27, 2011

5 - 26 - 11 On Sixth Ave. & 27th St., Jesus wore a sweater with blue & white diamond-front, a red & white stripe tie and serious looking black framed eyeglasses. In Chelsea, I noticed this guy's long light-blue cotton scarf that was draped casually around his neck and stood out from his all-white outfit of white jeans and t-shirt. Couldn't miss his silver sneakers and his golfer's white cap on his head, looking cool. Also, in Chelsea, the silver studs on this guy's black jacket were all on the shoulders. He wore his red cap backwards, a matching large red wristwatch, red handkerchief hanging from his back jean's pocket and wore extra-large black framed clear eyeglasses. My eye caught this guy's orange pants, along with his black & orange graphic t-shirt that was under his tan blazer jacket. Liked his neat hair, worn back and his corn-rows and a neat pair of large one-piece black sunglasses. On Fifth Ave., in the 30's along came this Japanese guy in Bermuda white shorts, white graphic t-shirt under a light-weight blue button-down cardigan with the sleeves pushed up, revealing lots of colorful, cord bracelets. He was sockless in his leather shoes, wore aviator sunglasses, carried a leather briefcase and had his hair in a high short ponytail. Looking good.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

5 - 13 - 11 Saw this guy near Bryant Park and was visiting from Connecticut. His hair was tied back in a small ponytail and his face cheek had a temporary tattoo on it. He wore a NYC grey sweatshirt hoodie and carried a wristlet. On Fifth Avenue, I noticed how low his jeans were, which revealed his underwear and showed his YSL belt and belt buckle. Under his jean jacket, he wore a brown sweatshirt hoodie. Also, on Fifth Ave. the guy from Brooklyn, wore all black and his black cap was sideways. I noticed manicured eyebrows and his star earring. Near the Empire State Building, he said told me he was from Florence, Italy and very neatly and coordinately dressed in all shades of browns. Wearing a light tan scarf around his neck, brown leather wrist bands on both wrists, large framed sunglasses that showed off his close cropped sides of his hair and spiky on top.

Friday, May 6, 2011

5 - 6 - 11 Noticed the guy with the longish hair walking in front of me on East 43rd St. and caught up with him to take his photo. Stylishly dressed in office attire, white shirt, tie, jacket and noticed wool pants which were short on him, exposing his black socks. This guy on West 34th St. had a red/black checkered scarf tied around his neck over his red/gray and white argyle sweater. Wore black pants, sneakers and had facial hair. Also, near West 34th St. was this guy with spiky hair and said he was from France. Liked how he wore the scarf around his neck, like a bolero. Had on a European-looking gray short jacket, interesting pants and large black framed sunglasses. The Oriental guy on Fifth Ave. wore a pair of nice tan framed sunglasses, a white short sleeved shirt that had red/white checks on the sleeves. I noticed that he was carrying a dark-brown canvas Jack Spade bag and wore light blue Toms slip-ons. This guy was at the corner of 42nd St. & Fifth and noticed his black harem pants. He also showed me his tattoo of a women's face on his upper arm. Had on a royal blue t-shirt, under his blue jacket and a pair of antique-looking framed sunglasses. His hair was long, combed over his forehead.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

5 - 5 - 11 On 42nd St. near Broadway, this guy had two Louis Vuitton shoulder bags on each shoulder, wearing a blue-zippered jacket and tight cuffed jeans. This guy from Japan had on all very baggy clothing, his bright yellow jacket and baggy jeans, loose hair and growing a mustache. On Fifth Ave. Dennis was wearing a 3-piece striped suit, white shirt and tie. His over-sized black framed clear glasses made his attire less conservative looking.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

4 - 30 - 11 This slim guy had on baggy jeans and wore Tom's tan slip-ons. Liked his white framed framed sunglasses that went with his blond hair. A very relaxed look walking on Fifth Avenue. This runner guy, who didn't have much on, except for his running shorts and a jersey that he tied around his waist and another around his wrist. His face was sweaty and looked good with his tousled hair.