Thursday, June 16, 2011

6 - 16 - 11 Walking along Fifth Ave. and Third Ave. and noticed a bright yellow shirt on Jorge. He had a pair of red suspenders holding up his seersucker pants, carried a green cotton shoulder bag, wore clear-framed eyeglasses, a full beard and shaved head. Very eclectic! Liked this guy's hair who had his dreadlocks tied in a ponytail, under his cap. Casually dressed in a white jersey top, over gray utility, rolled-up pants. Seeing the next guy, brought a smile to my face, who had everything going on at once. Wearing a red Hawaiian shirt, plaid Bermuda shorts with black knee-high socks and had a pair of sunglass frames attached his his eyeglasses that were worn up. This guy who I saw on Fifth Ave., said he was going to see the McQueen show "Savage Beauty" at The Met and was dressed for the occasion. Liked his blue, skull tank top, brown rolled-up pants, ankle-leather shoes, carried a shoulder bag, bracelets on his wrist and had on a pair of large black framed sunglasses. Neatly, coiffed-combed back hair and a touch of lipstick, too!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

6 - 15 - 11 Lots of cool guys on 42nd St. and Fifth Avenue, where I saw this blond hair chap from Sweden. Liked his one-piece black sunglasses and wore a tailored button-down cotton, pink shirt over his black Bermuda shorts. Noticed that he was sockless in his black leather shoes.
Had a large black leather bag, which he wore the strap across his chest. Near Bryant Park, this cool dude wore a vest with a white shirt under it that hung over his maroon colored pants, tortoise shell framed sunglasses and his natural curly hair had bleached tips, making an unique contrast that looked really good. Couldn't miss the tattoo on his neck, too. I saw this tan-plaid cap coming my way, atop this guy's head, who was dressed all in black. He carried a large black leather bag and one's eye caught the ball-rhinestone bracelet at his wrist. On 42nd St., this guy who is from London, wore his wide-brim cap, sideways, along with white-framed sunglasses. Also, on 42nd St., Christian said he was from Germany. Liked his blond, shaggy hair, black sunglasses and the scarf that was loosely, draped around his neck.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

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6 - 1 - 11 Love this guy's hair, told me they were real, is from Jersey City, NJ, wore a black cap backwards, a sleeveless tight white t-shirt, revealing tattoo's on his arms, silver dog-tags on a long chair around his neck, short washed out jeans to his knees, high-top sneakers and was walking on West 42nd St. At the corner of 42nd & 6th Ave., this guy from Lima, Peru was wearing a bright yellow t-shirt, white shell necklace, white-framed sunglasses, tight jeans, white flip-flops and carried a leather shoulder bag. Another guy who I noticed with interesting hair at the corner of 42nd & 8th Ave. with all coils sticking up on his head, amusing-looking and looked good on him, wore relaxing clothes, shirt out over his jeans and laced-front suede tan shoes. Behind Port Authority on 9th Ave. stood this guy in a military-style outfit and said he lived nearby by and was into music. Noticed his pierced lip, lots of leather-cord necklaces around his neck, black high-top leather boots, large hat on his head.