Friday, July 29, 2011

7 - 28 - 11 Walking on 34th St., I spotted Ronnie again, who I photographed before and today had a very different look. He said he works in the Aldo shoe store and wore a pink tailored button-down tailored shirt which he wore outside his black jeans. Also, had on a black tie and this time his hair was curly on top, showing off his well manicured eyebrows. Walking up Fifth Ave. this guy said he was from Malaysia and spoke a little bit of English. Had on black Ray-ban sunglasses, black stud earrings and black beads around his neck. Had on tan Birkenstock sandals with his cut-off Bermuda shorts.

Friday, July 22, 2011

7 - 21 - 11 Fedora straw hats are everywhere and on this guy's head, who is from Japan and walking on Fifth Avenue. Casually dressed in gray cargo pants, denim shirt with a pocket scarf, black flip-flops and a neat mustache and goatee. On 34th St. another guy in a white straw fedora hat, yellowed rimmed on-frame sunglasses, plaid Bermuda shorts, lime-green t-shirt and wearing a large wristwatch and sporting chain necklaces. Over at 34th & Seventh, I caught a guy exiting a backdoor to Victoria's Secret, where he works. Dressed in all black, including a Yankee cap, lip piercings and interesting sideburns. He said he was 21 yrs. old. This neat guy with long dread-locks which caught my eye, said his name was Winston. Wore tortoise frame eyeglasses, suit jacket, slim black jeans and tan suede chukka boots, topped off by a really nice smile.

Friday, July 1, 2011

6 - 30 - 11 In Bryant Park, Dandy wore a three-piece summer suit, pink bow tie, a tilted tan straw hat, a yellow flower in his buttonhole and round antique metal framed sunglasses. He looked classic and stylish, quite a standout amongst the crowd. Hats prevailed today and this guy on West 42nd St. had on a white straw hat. At 36th St. & 8th Ave. this guy wore a sleeveless denim vest, tan rolled-up pants with a raccoon fur tail hanging off of his belt and sockless leather shoes with their tongues out. Liked his shave sides of his hair that showed off his face and fuller on top. Next came another guy with shaved sides of his hair, too and much fuller on top, stud earrings, light blue cotton blazer, plaid shirt and tan shoes. Outside Grand Central Station, this guy wore his tan cap sideways, loose low slung jeans that revealed plaid red cotton boxers, white t-shirt and stands of beads around his neck. Very cool guy! All of them!