Sunday, August 21, 2011

8 - 19 - 11 Handsome guy wearing a black, graphic t-shirt, showing off his muscled arms, large aviator sunglasses and walking near NY Public Library on 42nd St. This next guy on same block said he is from Honduras, in a turquoise t-shirt, rosary beads as necklace, aviator sunglasses, stud black earrings and a silver-link chain hanging from his pant belt loop of his tight black jeans. Neat graphic light blue sneakers. Another guy on 42nd St. who is from South Korea and spoke perfect English, hot pink derby hat and matching hot pink t-shirt, plaid Bermuda shorts, clear black framed eyeglasses. This blond-hair guy was tall, really tall, 6' 11", wore a tight blue blazer, jeans and converse sneakers.

Friday, August 12, 2011

8 - 11 - 11 An array of guys hailing from the Bronx, Brooklyn, Harlem and the tourist from Barcelona, Spain. Walking on 42nd St., on the side of NY Public Library, this guy wore his tan cap sideways, a red Hollister t-shirt and black-and-white frames on his sunglasses. On Fifth Ave. in front of the library, this guy's hair was eye-catching, almost white and very Billy Idol-like, looking stunning on him, especially dressed in all black. Tight black jeans, black t-shirt, black sunglasses, some necklaces around his neck and cool facial hair. On 34th St. he told me he was from Barcelona, Spain, spoke little English, but understand that I wanted to photographed him. Well-cut hair, earrings in his ear, facial hair, carried a cross-over bag over his chest, brown jeans and a graphic t-shirt. Also, on 34th St. and wearing a NY Yankees cap, open shirt with a white t-shirt under it, rolled-up jeans and sported short dread-locks and liked his belt buckle.
This guys on 34th St. had very full hair on top and shaved sides, been seeing this style a lot. Casually dressed in black jeans, gray t-shirt and black sunglasses.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

8 - 4 - 11 At 34th St., I noticed this guy's hair which was shaved on the sides of his head and a Mohawk on top. He wore a black-and-white striped t-shirt under a blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up. I saw the name Jimmy in script on his neck as a tattoo and adorned his wrists with lots of colorful string wrist bracelets. This guy wore a summer Fedora hat on his head, facial hair and wore all black with a crucifix around his neck. The Japanese guy with wavy, full hair, I found unusual since this culture usually has very straight hair and was mostly dressed in all white. A
white shirt opened, revealed a striped t-shirt under it and white jeans with black leather shoes.
His turquoise necklace was a delicate jewelry accent. Back on Fifth Avenue, the guy with the tortoise shell framed sunglasses and turquoise knit skull cap, told me he was from Virginia.
Kevin, who I photographed before, I ran into on 42nd St. and had blond hair now and looks cute with it that color. He remembered me before, I remembered him. His bright pink shirt looked good on him, too and had on silver framed sunglasses, nice brown leather belt with an oval buckle around his tight jeans.

Friday, August 5, 2011

8 - 3 - 11 In Chelsea to visit some galleries and to walk the Highline, I noticed this guy casually standing against a graffiti wall in his graphic red t-shirt, black jeans and sporting facial hair. Also, on 22nd St. this dapper guy wore khaki pants, rolled -up at the bottom, sockless in his black leather shoes, vest, tie and a blue shirt with the sleeves rolled-up. His black framed eyeglasses looked smart on him and went well with his facial hair.