Saturday, September 17, 2011

9 - 16 - 11 From Brooklyn and walking on West 42nd St. with orange hair that was dyed on the top, shaved side, black button-down jersey, over black t-shirt. His friend wore large black framed clear eyeglasses, hair cut straight across the front of his forehead, trench coat and black jeans. This guy said he was a future designer and dressed in all black. Had on an interesting overall-like with suspenders over his t-shirt, black short jersey pants, black socks, black leather shoes. His jet-black hair covered the top of his forehead. A fashion student, also with cool hair and shaved sides, aviator sunglasses, brown beads around his neck, striped jersey, jeans rolled-up at the bottoms, high-top leather shoes. Liked this guy's colorful hair, goes along with his cool attitude.

9 - 15 - 11 He said his name was Justin and had blond tousled hair and a cute wisp of hair on his chin. Looking good in a blue shirt with sleeves rolled-up, black tie, black vest, black pants with a silver chain hanging off pant loop. A sweater's arms were tied across his chest. Also, in the 30's on Westside and standing perfectly at the corner, all dressed in a black suit with the jacket draping his shoulders, black t-shirt under it, pair of sunglasses tucked in the front of his t-shirt, sockless in his black emblem front slip-on shoes. This bright red graphic button-down shirt was eye-catching, along with the necklace around his neck. Couldn't miss this guy's flamboyant, full hair on the top of his head and shaved sides with one-piece sunglasses, black jeans, jacket with white shirt and tie. This Japanese guy had longish hair in the front, dressed all in black with a long, sleeveless overcoat, graphic black t-shirt under it. Another Japanese guy near FIT with tousled hair, blue blazer with sleeves pushed-up, short black pants, black high-top leather shoes, striped t-shirt.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9 - 8 - 11 He's from Sweden, wearing extra-large black framed sunglasses and a shaved head, with his jeans cuffed at the bottom and stood near Sak's Fifth Avenue. Walking to work at Cole Haan's, liked this guy's tweed hat, aviator sunglasses, showing off his reddish facial hair. His blue dress shirt had the sleeves rolled up, revealing his tattooed arms, brown pants, carrying a canvas carpenter's bag and laced-up Cole Haan shoes. Near Bryant Park, he said his name was Jazz and had on a graphic t-shirt under this denim jacket, grey jeans, bright yellow shoelaces on his sneakers, cool hair going on with shaved sides and a pouf on top. In Times Square the Naked Cowboy was doing his thing in his white briefs, cowboy hat and boots. This guy, nearby wore a
large pair of black-framed sunglasses and graphic t-shirt.

Friday, September 2, 2011

9 - 1 - 11 Walking near Bryant Park on 42nd St., I noticed this guy with wild looking hair and partially colored orange, had facial hair and had on a pair of black framed eyeglasses. He wore a cool red skull scarf, tied around his neck, black sweater, wrist bracelets and jeans. The next guy who was nearby, also had interesting hair going on. His was shaved on the sides and a Mohawk going down the center, earrings, black aviator sunglasses, turquoise t-shirt, under a grey cardigan and grey jeans. At the corner of Fifth Ave. & 42nd St., I noticed this guy's silver armband and silver cuff bracelet that he made. Liked his dangling gold earring and necklace and has on a black tank top and cargo pants. This guy was neatly dressed and told me he was a student, studying Chinese. Crisp plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up, very tight jeans and sockless, brown suede emblem front shoes.