Monday, October 31, 2011

10 - 30 - 11 From Belgium and was going into the H&M store at 42nd & Fifth Avenue. Noticed his faded jeans with a wide cuff at the bottoms with an interesting belt on them, brown leather ankle boots, black slim wool jacket and had a cross-over messenger bag on him. And a shaved head. At the same corner and whom I photographed before, told me that he designed women's clothing. Wearing a large black flt hat, large paisley brown scarf draped around his neck, a tan wool kilt over tights, wool sweater under a large overcoat.

10 - 28 - 11 Alexander who is originally from Puerto Rico was walking near 42nd St. & 11th Ave.
Looking handsome with jet black hair, some facial hair, extra-large black sunglasses and the requisite black clothes under his long brown overcoat. Further east on 42nd St, Bryce walking by with a large black scarf around his neck, black knit cap, plaid shirt, faded jeans with large hole in the knee and high-top sneakers. On Fifth Avenue and from Japan, shaggy-bleached hair, white shirt, black pants and stand-out purple sneakers. From South Korea with long black hair in the front, dressed all in black with white leather shoes and carrying a large YSL bag over his shoulder.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

10 - 22 - 11 At 41st & Broadway and looking very ethically dressed with black baggy jersey, no fly front pants on, on one-piece tan tunic-type jacket on and around his neck a purse-like small leather bag and ankle boots. His hair was a braided bun that sat on the top on his head, where the rest of his hair was shaved. The 2nd guy today wearing those baggy jersey, no fly front pants who was at 8th and 40th St. The pants look super comfortable and can be unisex. He had on a knit hat, plaid scarf and high-top sneakers with a leather bomber jacket. Walking in Hell's Kitchen Flea Market, saw Rene, who said I photographed him before. His black hair was combed back off his forehead, large sunglasses, striped jacket and interesting faded out jeans with tan leather shoes. On 9th Ave., liked the plaid long scarf, worn loose around his neck, khaki pants and high-top shoes. This guy got dressed up to walk around Times Square with a black velvet suit jacket with vest and bow-tie and from D.C.

10 - 21 - 11 At 34th & 6th Ave. this guy is from S. Korea and is here studying design. Wearing a blue blazer, white t-shirt under it and short black pants with no socks, black leather shoes. Interesting hair going on with shaved sides and spike black hair on the top. I noticed that he had lots of large rings on his fingers. Also, at same corner, saw the purple shirt with tie under a plaid suit jacket and stand-out large, clear eyeglasses. Walking towards Fifth Ave., the bowler hat sitting back on this guy's head, was eye-catching. He told me he's from Connecticut and goes to grad school. Liked his large plaid scarf wrapped around his neck, black puffy jacket, black jeans.
Korie told me that I photographed him before near H&M and now doing the same on Fifth Ave.
Stylishly dressed in a tan leather zip-front jacket, plaid scarf, cool leather belt, tight jeans that revealed his brown leather ankle boots.

Friday, October 21, 2011

10 - 20 - 11 At Fifth Ave. & 43rd St., Leif is wearing large black sunglasses and his hair is dyed a cool green on top, black leather bomber jacket over a multi-colored red top with braided tassels hanging from the bottom, a very African vibe. Further down Fifth Ave. at 34th St. is Harold wearing a multi-color scarf wrapped around his neck, a multi-color cap, cuffed slim jeans with his high-top sneakers and a blue t-shirt. At 6th Ave., I noticed the silver ball piercing thru this nose and lower lip, black jeans tucked into his black leather laced-up combat boots and a horn necklace around his neck.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

10 - 15 - 11 Walking around Hell's Kitchen Flea Market on a mild, blue sky day and noticed Denny wearing a cap with the word Classic written on the front and very large black-framed clear eyeglasses, red blazer with a white t-shirt under it, black jeans which were cuffed at the bottoms to reveal his ankle high, laced-up black leather ankle boots. Also, at the Flea Market, I noticed Eric who was wearing a floral button-down cotton smoking jacket, black turtleneck under it, silver thin, wire framed, huge clear eyeglasses, very unique-looking. Had on black jeans and had a tote bag on his shoulder. On 42nd St. and looking cool, he said he was in a band called "Head Monsters" and was playing a club on the Lower Eastside that nite. Liked his long, dark hair under his knit cap, beads around his neck, blue plaid worker's shirt with a white tank under it and a touch of hair under his lower lip. Another plaid shirt was tied around his waist, jeans and sandals, did the total look.

10 - 14 - 11 From Japan and standing by a building on Fifth Ave. & 42nd St. Has very long hair which is past his shoulders and bleached in the front and dark black in the back, giving him a feminine look. His eyebrows looked shaped and thin. Wearing a tight, lightweight tan pullover, black jeans and black leather sandals. In same area, wearing a white hooded sweatshirt over his head and a white t-shirt , under a denim jacket, turquoise shorts, blue canvas slip-ons and a large red watch. Also, on Fifth Ave. and wearing a tan v-neck sweater with a black shirt under it, black jeans and standout clear eyeglasses in large black frames, accenting his facial hair of beard and mustache, along with a silver nose ring. In front of the H & M store, wearing a gray cap on his head, gray puffy vest with a white pullover under it, washed out jeans and a necklace around his neck. His friend wore a vest and a scarf loosely draped around his neck.

Friday, October 7, 2011

10 - 6 - 11 Near Bryant Park, I saw Lee who had a large sunglasses, hair combed up and off of his forehead, longish sideburns, khaki pants, tailored black jacket. A classic look for work. This guy at the corner of 41st. & Fifth Avenue had his hair pulled back and tied in a small pony-tail. I noticed that the ends of his hair were orangish in color, perhaps dyed at one point, making an interesting look. Wore a short leather jacket, paid shirt, brown leather shoes and black sunglasses. At the corner of 42nd & Fifth Avenue and from Italy, wore large sunglasses, scarf tied around his neck, and a religious emblem-looking t-shirt under and army-navy green cargo jacket.