Sunday, November 13, 2011

11 - 12 - 11 Walking on West 42nd St. with his twin brother , both had dark black hair, combed back off of foreheads, shaved sides and wore large sunglasses. A black suit jacket with a mesh-like frayed shawl around his shoulders and carried a blue Pan Am bag. His twin also had on large black sunglasses, red t-shirt under a red and blue striped cardigan, jeans tucked into ankle high leather gray boot, silver ball piercings on his lower lip. On West 40th St., Markus was going to a fashion show and he had on black framed eyeglasses with no glass in them, stud earrings, ski-motif pull-over sweater, cuffed jeans and carried a cross-over bag. Fifth Avenue were two guys window shopping from Montreal and wearing a large black scarf under his black leather jacket, shaved side of hair which was swept over the front of his forehead, black sunglasses. His friend wore a gray scarf, double-breasted short jacket, gray fingerless gloves, frameless shield-like black sunglasses, faded jeans and close cropped hair. Loved these happy clothes and said he was from Senegal, Africa and proudly wore the clothes. Had on an Army green jacket, graphic t-shirt under it and very cool multi-multi-colored loose pants and topped it off with a purple knit cap.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

11 - 5 - 11 Near Hell's Kitchen flea market on 9th Ave., Devon who was stylishly dressed in his own men's designer's clothes and looking very sleek in his tailored suit jacket with vest, light blue dress shirt, jeans cuffed and tan shoes. Loved his cool hat, antique eyeglasses and facial hair. Do check out his designs on his site He can dress me up anytime.
Rambo, who does hip-hop music and dress in all black, at the corner of 7th & 30th St. Black vest, rolled up sleeves on his shirt and a multi-colored rope-like belt which almost touch the

ground. Lots of necklaces layered around his neck, leather wristbands and neat hair tied up on the top of his head in a small knot. This guy's hair was long and free-blowing in the wind at the next corner on 7th Ave. Wearing large clear eyeglasses, a high-collared white shirt with embroidery on the edges, short leather jacket, corduroy tan pants and ankle boots with a great smile. From Norway and standing at 42nd St. & Fifth, wearing a knit cap, small cotton scarf tied around neck, graphic t-shirt, interesting pants with leather patches on the knees, black sneakers with orange soles.